Magnetic Cuteness

I really don’t have anything negative to say about Magnet Street baby announcements. PBN asked me to review these announcements and since they were gonna give me 25 for free, [and I’m a cheap skate] I couldn’t turn them down.

My initial thought on a magnetic baby announcement was that they were going to look cheap.


The scanned magnet doesn’t do the finished product justice.

Once I got to their website I was really happy with all of the choices that I had to choose from. If I had looked at the “girl” announcements then my head probably would have exploded from the selection.

Since I ended up with a cute newborn this time around, [Cara wasn’t very cute at first] I really wanted to do a photo announcement.  The problem with that is that I’m usually not happy with the photo announcements that I’ve seen before.  They just look like someone took a regular announcement and then stuck a picture on it without really thinking about the design.

I’m really happy with the design of this announcement; the birds make me happy.

Anyway, once I finally made up my mind on a design, it took me maybe two minutes to order the announcements.  I think the longest part of it was uploading Oliver’s picture and that was because I couldn’t find the stupid picture on my computer.

I even made a “special request” to have the text on the announcement changed so that we didn’t leave Cara out and there weren’t any hiccups in the process.  I think the next day I was emailed the proof and everything was a-ok.

The announcements were in my excited little hands within the week.

This all boils down to me saying that I would have paid for these announcements and been happy to do it.

Great quality.

Great design.

Great customer service.

Great product.