Trust MY Opinion

Usually when Cara and I disagree on a DVD it’s because she’s liking something that’s crap and I’m having to sit through the stupid thing.

That wasn’t the case this time.

THIS time we watched a DVD that was entertaining but not a dumbed down “baby” DVD. The colors were bright and the puppet was cute. The little kids who were in the DVD were just playing so you didn’t run into the horrible child acting that is so common in these things.

Alas, Cara wasn’t too thrilled by the whole deal.

Don’t get me wrong. She watched it and she didn’t complain too much but she really wanted me to change the channel. I blame Max and Ruby for this since she had been watched the bunnies right before I put in Eebee.

So, I say ignore Cara’s opinion and go with mine.

I liked Eebee’s Adventures. I thought it was cute and it didn’t annoy me. It gave me ideas of things to do with the kids and I really appreciate that since there’s only so many times I can handle drawing a kitty over and over and over and well, you get the point.

My favorite thing about the DVD was the special feature section.

I really liked the “Developmental Perspective” feature that went over what play really is and what it isn’t. I also like hearing “experts” give an honest evaluation of what parents can do to really engage their kids. The coolest part of the whole thing is that they managed to give their opinions without it seeming like a lecture and they didn’t make me feel like a crap parent. That’s always nice.

We also received a “rag book” with the DVD about doing laundry called Laundry Time. Cara LOVES this book. She carries it around and loves on it. She covers up the baby in the book and brings it bottles and cookies. Basically the book hasn’t left her grubby little hands since I got the thing.

You can get the DVD and book at the shop for Eebee’s Adventures and I want to thank PBN for sending me this cool stuff.