My Favorites

These are my favorites as of right now…this very day…these could change at a moment’s notice. So…you know…check this often.


  1. Do You Embrace New Tech At the Expense of Old?Do you get rid of your old stuff when something better comes out or do you hang onto stuff for sentimental reasons?
  2. I Was Scared of My Three Year Old TodayOllie at three really, really sucked. A lot.
  3. Garden Redux, YoPretty pictures of garden stuff. You know…after I killed the first wave of plants.
  4. Doctor Who and Donna Complete with GifsDonna, I love you. That is all.
  5. Game of Thrones Game Review Gif Heavy YAY!The review is fun to read. Too bad the game sucked so hard.
  6. They Didn’t Pick Up Their Toys So I Confiscated ThemThey pushed me too far.
  7. Mango Tomato Pico de Gallo RecipeSo yummy the recipe made it on this list. That means it’s pretty awesome. Just so you know.
  8. My Life In Bullet PointsThis was, by far, one of the most painful things I’ve ever written. Damn hard to just lay yourself out there and wait for rejection.
  9. Notarized Field Trip Slip?-I’m not especially proud of this post but it got some really good comments which I appreciate a whole bunch.
  10. I Killed My Fifth Black Widow Spider YesterdayIf you have a problem with spiders then I would suggest you read this.
  11. Crappy Coffee and ShootingThe month of November wasn’t a good month for me.
  12. I’m Depressed Maybe Possibly Or NotExplains the lack of posts for November and December. And there are gifs! Yay for gifs!


  1. Mother Nature Punked Me: It Snowed A LotIt snowed. It rarely snows.
  2. KmartGamer: Take Me To E3 with You!My entry in a contest to go to E3 in LA with Kmart.
  3. Do We Pay Too Much Attention To Our Kids?Well…do we?
  4. Braided Easter Egg Bread RecipeOne of the best bread recipes I’ve made. Love this stuff and it looks impressive–though it’s super easy.
  5. Self-Doubt and Green Haired GilbertThat little voice in your head you can never seem to not hear.
  6. Father’s Day Comedic Gold: Hooker or a Maid?Sometimes I’m awesome on Twitter.
  7. I Spank My KidsYup. Sure do.
  8. Muse vs Plotting: Who Wins in a Cage Fight?Is it better to plot out the story or to just go with the flow?
  9. The Night I Thought Tucker was DeadIt seemed like one of my greatest fears had been realized.
  10. And the Interwebs Didn’t DieSometimes you just gotta take a break from the internet.
  11. Yesterday At Gymnastics or When Ollie Melts Down and Moms Are Cool As HellThis was probably the coolest any group of women have ever been to me since I became a mom.
  12. The Holidays are BipolarI talk about space elves in this.
  13. Writers Are Like Power Ninjas!Way too often writers forget just how much power they have.


  1. What If?About Elizabeth Gilbert, inspiration and the ultimate open ended question. Includes Gilbert’s Ted Talk video.
  2. The Fight You Must FightThe fight being the one for your life. The fight against the voice that tells you to kill yourself.
  3. Political Fairness is All I WantWhere I go off on a Twitter inspired political rant.
  4. Is American Culture to Blame for Bad Schools?Exactly what the title says and you should read the comments.
  5. 6 Things You Probably Already Knew About CatsEven if you hate cats, the animated gifs and videos rock.
  6. March Against Pit Bull DiscriminationA neighbor’s chihuahua was being an ass and it inspired yet another rant.
  7. Sh*t My Daughter SaysNot quite sure what got into Cara but the story one is my favorite.
  8. A Story of a Broom and OpossumsA herd of opossums is a crime against nature.
  9. The Wilderness DowntownMaybe I wrote something way cooler in August but this website was/is cool as hell.
  10. Toys Out the Window – LiterallyThe kids thought it would be a fab idea to toss all of Cara’s toys out of her window.
  11. Blogging Isn’t Real LifeI don’t think this turned out as profound as I had intended. Still true, nonetheless.
  12. Frisbee Owl Says Toddler Walking into Wall is FunnyOllie ran into a wall and there’s a cool owl animated gif.
  13. Logical Burger KingCara uses her logical reasoning.
  14. The Mothers’ Bill of RightsEven as I wrote this, I knew none of these things would ever happen.


  1. What Books Do You Remember?A call for your favorite books from childhood
  2. The Best Apples I CanMemories from childhood juxtaposed teaching my kids important life lessons
  3. The Mirror and TimeShort story about a girl and her odd ability to see ghost in mirrors
  4. My Sunshine BoyA birthday post for Oliver that isn’t your typical “Happy Birthday” fare
  5. A Game I’d Rather Not PlayGot me a Five Star Friday on Schmutzie‘s site; about standing up to my dad
  6. Mother, Thy Name is CowWhere Cara calls me a cow but not for the reason you’re thinking
  7. Take Back Your PowerAbuse statistics and a link to Violence Unsilenced. Not light reading but good
  8. The Eyelet ShirtStory from childhood concerning worst teacher in the history of teachers
  9. Kermit JaggerJoke. It’s funny. Read it.
  10. A Very Talented CarpenterConversation between Tucker and me about Handy Manny
  11. The Unwanted ChildAbout Ollie and when I first found out I was pregnant with him
  12. The New Stage Moms/Dads Intelligence, kids and the parents who live vicariously through them


  1. The RiverWe went to the river and I took some cute pictures.
  2. Disassemble ItGeek parenting cartoon.
  3. Family BathroomI was pregnant and had a toddler and I was mad someone was using the family bathroom when they shouldn’t have been. It was very traumatic.
  4. Rockin’ the Chuck TaylorsCara in a pair of pink Chuck Taylors.
  5. Hippo Eats DwarfWould I make this stuff up? Don’t answer that.
  6. ADD or Stream of ConsciousnessThe title pretty much sums this one up.
  7. We Always Take It Too FarLotus, Twitter, me and way too much time on our hands.
  8. Bloody DreamPregnancy induced nightmare.
  9. Boobs on Aisle SevenWhere I was shamed for the first time for feeding my kid.
  10. Hazing and ParenthoodOther parents seem to love to scare the crap out of other parents. I rant about that here.
  11. On Southern GriefSeems like Southerners like to revel in their grief. I experienced that firsthand.
  12. SelfishMy cousin killed himself and I was a very angry person because of it.
  13. On Pack Structure and TurkeysWhere I equated a bunch of women to a pack of wolves.

2007–Note: A bunch of posts died in the Great Host Migration of 2007.

  1. Happy Anniversary and StuffFor Tucker…back when I liked him.
  2. Wedded Bliss…or Not?It was almost my anniversary and a friend was getting a divorce.
  3. Bikinis for Babies?!The title says it all.
  4. Confessions of a Mommy BloggerI was really awesome at titles back then.
  5. Goodbye Cable, GoodbyeWe killed our cable.
  6. Special Little SnowflakeYou’re not and neither is your kid.
  7. Scaredy Cat Karma–All of the people who honestly believe in Karma hate me for this.
  8. Other People’s KidsI still can’t read this without getting really pissed off.
  9. How My Adoption Changed Me as a MomWhere I talked about my adoption.
  10. Imus. Bad Behavior. Period.It’s not exactly what you’re expecting.
  11. Ming-Ming Should Die and Other Random ThingsI still hate that duck.
  12. Boob and What I Think About ThemA rant about boobs.
  13. Ann Coulter and Why You Should Quote FairlyI dislike it when people act like they have no bias and then show themselves to be asses.