Channeling the Ant: I Promise It’s Not What You’re Expecting

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There's a double-edged sword thing when it comes to being diagnosed as "cyclothymic." On the one hand, I count my damn blessings I'm not Bipolar I or II; I cycle too quickly to meet the criteria for either. On the other hand/edge/whatever, I'm still left with murmurs of the aforementioned disorders and they still dick with my ...

The Post Where Marvin the Note, a.k.a., My Phone Decided To Publish a Post When It Shouldn’t Have. Asshole.

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Massive storm rolled through this morning and knocked out our intertubes. I suspect the kids are going to lose their tiny brains. I'm relegated to Marvin the Note and the urge to write ALL THE THINGS on my sites...which, of course, I can't. Guess behind internetless isn't SO bad since I need to finish this image for ...

Happy NINTH Anniversary, jerk.

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happy anniversary

Welp, yesterday was Tucker and my anniversary. I don't remember what year the blessed event occurred; I use Sophie's age (minus two one years) to keep up with the quantity of years. I figure if I remember the month and day, I'm doing pretty good. And normally I do. Except for this year. Correction on my math: Apparently I'm only supposed ...

An Unexpected Google Image Result and How I Reported Child Porn

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Missing & Exploited Children CyberTipline

I'm a pretty open-minded person. As long as you aren't affecting me or mine, go on with it. I also have a tendency to play the devil's advocate so I sometimes have a hard time nailing down exactly where I stand on some topics. This one topic? I KNOW EXACTLY HOW I FEEL!  IF YOU GET OFF ON LOOKING AT ...

The 2013 Garden Update: Not As Lame As You’re Expecting

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Dr. Wyches Yellow Tomato

Last year's garden was all that awesome. The soil an idiot at Lowe's recommended to me was essentially softwood and "wood products" mulch which caused weird deficiencies in the plants and when paired with me planting all of my seedlings too early...well... Eventually the garden got its act together and the plants started to rally; that took ...

Love Me. Hate Me. Pretending Is Too Damn Exhausting.

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reality check

There is something extremely annoying about right now at this time. I have good ideas for things, e.g., post topics, kids' crafts, showering, but once I get serious about doing any of those things, they just take too damn much effort; I'm just too tired. When I've told my therapist about this crushing--Yeah. I know. Dramatic ...

Nocturnal Companion: The Devil’s Handmaiden

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Black Widow in Alabama

The night was most agreeable save for the cacophony of wings from armored bugs which did not realize their time was almost at an end based on the month for which they are named. Taking refuge in the garage, I was greeted by the most massive black and scarlet arachnid my eyes have ever had the ...

Heat, Camping, Job, Kids/School, Running and Gifs

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Erupting Volcano

I'm hot. IT IS 85° IN MY HOUSE RIGHT NOW! Yes, I am sweating. Yes, Sophie the Wonder Pit Bull refuses to remove her geriatric self from the tile floor. Yes, everyone is at everyone else's throats. It is tons of fun up in here. I've been so proud of us for not turning the air conditioner on ...

Undefeatable, Prideful Caroline

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Taste Like Crazy Facebook Update

Whole thing started over the dumb sidewalk chalk I made her. Cara wanted to go draw outside; I was 100% cool with that. I told her to get me a ponytail holder so I could put up her hair. She told me to hold on because she was going to get the chalk. Since she had ...

Almost Lost Sophie This Morning

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Sophie the Wonder Pit Bull 4.17.13

Know what's fun? Being woken up by a dog that sounds like she's about to puke and then screams as she jumps off the bed. Lots of fun, let me tell you; I didn't go back to sleep. I ushered the old lady out back (She kept her tail tucked the whole time.) and once I was ...