Review Policy

Do you have a product that you’d like for me to review?

Well, here’s a short little list of the criteria that your product/service needs to meet:

1.Product/service needs to be family/kid/mom/pet oriented. I’m not interested in reviewing your online betting website and figure my readers aren’t interested in reading it.

1a.A press release asking/telling me to share your information is not a review and is not something I do on this website. I will be happy to provide you with a press packet if you’re interested in publicity on my site.

2. If you have an item that you’d like for me to review then I need to have the actual product in my hands. I won’t purchase your product and I won’t pay to send a sample or product back to you; if you can only loan me your product then you must pay return shipping and let me know that you want the product back before I accept it for review.

3. I write honest reviews. Because of that, I reserve the right to present a negative review if necessary. Also, anything that you send me becomes the property of me unless you have made specific arrangements prior to sending me your product.

4. You can generally expect your review to be posted within thirty days of me receiving your product. If you’re working under a hard deadline then make sure that you mention that when you contact me as sometimes my schedule can be shifted.

If all of that sounds groovy then click on my email address below and let’s get this ball rollin’.