Funky Monkey is Cara Approved

I’ve been blessed by two kids who love fruit. Cara will eat any kind of fruit that I put in front of her [except watermelon…she’s weird] and Ollie will eat anything. Period.Funky Monkey Pic

When I was offered the chance to review a healthy kids’ snack that was Certified Organic and came in cool flavors like: Bananamon, Carnaval Mix, Jivealime and Purple Funk…well…I pretty much jumped at the chance. Bring on the free samples!

The first thing that I liked about Funky Monkey is that it’s freeze dried. Yes, I love that Cara LOVES fruit but she likes it in spurts. So, some weeks we can’t keep enough fruit in the house and some weeks it sits around and “goes bad” before it can be eaten. If the fruit is freeze dried then I don’t have to worry about it not being eaten fast enough.

The second thing that I liked was that a bag is a serving size. How many times have you opened up a snack, eaten the whole thing and then made the mistake of looking at the back only to find out that you’ve eaten four serving sizes? Yeah. I know I’m not the only one who has done that. In fact, I discovered the serving size fact for Funky Monkey after I ate the whole bag of Carnaval Mix. Don’t judge me! It’s healthy!

Cara tried all of the flavors [except for the Carnaval Mix…I wouldn’t share] and her favorite was Bananamon-banana and cinnamon. She didn’t seem to really like the Purple Funk variety but I think that was because she was expecting blueberries because of the front of the bag and instead, Funky Monkey JivaLime Picshe got açaí berries.

Ollie managed to get the crumbs out of the bottom of the bags [I try to teach sharing to my kids. Maybe not so much by example but I have good intentions. 😉 ] and I couldn’t really tell a preference for one flavor over another. He did try to stick his head in the Jivealime -pineapple with lime juice-bag. Maybe that shows preference?

Anyway, we thought these were some tasty, tasty snacks and I want to give one of you guys a chance to taste them for yourself.

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Disclaimer: I got these snacks for free from Funky Monkey. However, like you all know, I’ve given my extremely honest opinion because I’m awesome like that.