Shadows of the Damned Developer Video and Seven New Images

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The announcement trailer I posted a couple of months back should have given me a freakin’ huge hint that Shadows of the Damned
/Damned isn’t going to be a pretty skip through a pretty, pretty rainbow field. Now that I think about it, I suppose my first hint should have been the title, huh?

Moving on.

The seven new screens I have show a retro-chic-edgy-grimy-bloody-really-hawt-dude style that’s original and I haven’t seen before…though Silent Hill probably comes the closest to being related. The developer video game play reminds me some of Silent Hill, as well–especially around :46 when the corpse thing gets skewered.

Two random things I want to know about the video:

  1. Where the hell do you find baby head chairs like those? Not that I necessarily want one but imagine the conversations one of those would start. Instant ice breaker!
  2. What is up with Shinji Mikami’s translator? Did they specifically hire a voice actor who also spoke English so he could translate for Mikami or did they get a translator who just took it upon himself to talk like that?! Bugged the crap out of me. Actually, both translators bugged me. Just thought you should know.

My main takeaway from the video is that finding a “Light Point” seems like a major pain in the ass and I could be 100% wrong here and they may be sprinkled around everywhere but I bet that isn’t the case.

And then there’s the transforming sidekick skull dude which seems like an interesting choice of wrapping several different story elements into one. Let’s hope there’s a bit of comic relief to be had with Johnson since all of that blood, gore and darkness will eventually get old.

Shadows of the Damned still gets me excited and I look forward to getting my hands on it but after seeing this developer video, I worry EA’s pulling this game down the bad PR roads it’s pulled other games down. They seem to have a habit of taking a pretty sound game and then missing the mark on their marketing plan and because of that, the game doesn’t get the right exposure and/or isn’t received as well as it have been.

I’m crossing my fingers Shadows of the Damned is all I’m hoping for.

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