50 Things Every Creative Person Should Know

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This series started out under the moniker: The 50 Things Every Graphic Design Student Should Know.

It was meant as a condensed, tweetable set of  “If only someone had only told me.” wisdoms every graphic design student should know before they left college.

The title of the projects has been renamed–#The50 Things Every Creative Should Know–and Jamie Wieck has since moved the 50 things to their own site–http://www.the-50.org/–and has doubled the number of things since if 50 was good, 100 would be even better.

Even if you aren’t into graphic design, a lot of these 50 things apply. Maybe that’s why the “graphic design student” part was changed?

Read this list. The site is slick and requires just a spacebar tap to scroll to the next entry and a Twitter share button is below each entry so you can easily share the things that speak to you.

If nothing else, 50 Things Every Creative Person Should Know might make you think and it’s a smart looking way to kill a bit of time.


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