Today Isn’t Half Bad

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I know I’m a big ole whiny ass and all of that BUT you keep coming back.  SO, you either enjoy reading my bitching OR you enjoy my OVERUSE of capitalization.  [It’s definitely the last one.]

There’s been tons of stuff posted on the internet recently on the heels of Blogher about being a positive influence with your blog and changing the world and lots of other shiny, happy things.

I will admit that I am rather jaded when it comes to all of that.

Maybe if I had gone to Blogher this year and drank the martinis Kool-Aid then I’d be more apt to accept it.  When you get right down to it, there’s nothing wrong with having a positive outlook and accentuating the positive, so to speak.

No one is more guilty of accentuating the positive than Mrs. Fussypants.  [I have a sneaking suspicion that she’s secretly VERY evil…but in a good way.]

So, in honor of her, I shall attempt to be positive.

Cue list.

Things I’m positive about.

I’m positive that my child is addicted to blueberries.

I’m positive that this fetus is a hoss.

I’m positive that Tucker’s getting a Pell Grant and that rocks!

I’m positive that you should NEVER forget to clean out your coffee pot.

I’m positive that my OB should be on those Guinness commercials where they hollar, “BRILLIANT!” except he’s hollar, “GREAT!”

I’m positive that I REALLY need a laptop so that I can sit on the couch and work so my toes won’t swell to the size of bratwurst.

Hmm…I think I might have misinterpreted the point of this exercise…

Life doesn't suck that much...