Dan Zanes CD Giveaway

Have you ever heard the term “phone tough”? I ran into this a lot when I worked for Teleflora. Someone’s flowers didn’t get dan-zanes-nueva-yorkdelivered and they would call customer service [me] and cuss me out. I always figured that if I was standing in front of the person that they wouldn’t have cussed me. People seem much braver when a bit of the humanity is taken out of the situation.

There is a point.

I’m computer tough…well, maybe brave. I will “cold email” PR people with little fear. The worst they can say is “no” and nothing ventured-nothing gained and all that.

I LOVE Dan Zanes. Tucker and I saw a video of his on TV [some kid’s station] and we both fell in love. [A totally platonic love.] He’s goofy and his music is good. It’s not some kind of baby crap where they “sing down” to the kids. It’s real music that’s fun and it invites kids to step up to the challenge of enjoying something other than the boring and basic kids’ fare that’s offered now.

I contacted Dan Zanes’s PR dude, Rob [very nice guy] and asked if he would be interested in doing a CD giveaway. Not only did he offer a CD for one of you lucky folks, but he also sent me some tunes to listen to and review. Seriously? How cool is that?

¬°Nueva York! landed in my CD player right as Cinco de Mayo hit and though I don’t understand a lick of Spanish, I couldn’t help but tap my feet and laugh as Cara danced around and acted like a huge dork.

The Welcome Table is full of soulful gospel that left me feeling refreshed. You’ll just have to hear it yourself. It’s good stuff.

Catch That Train! won Dan Zanes and his band a Grammy back in 2007 for Children’s Musical Album. It’s a great CD to start off with if you’ve never listened to Dan Zanes before.

Another great way to introduce your kids and yourself to Dan Zanes’s music is by hitting up a concert. Though we now inhabit the great state of Alabama, there’s a FREE concert being held at Heifer International in Little Rock, AR on June 6th. If you’ve never heard of Heifer International then you should check out their site cause they are doing some cool, cool things.

I mentioned earlier about a giveaway and I’m sure that’s why you’ve read all the way to this point. Bravo, for your tenacity. I always liked that in you.

I have a copy of Nueva York for you to win. I’m not going to get all cute with this giveaway. Why make you jump through burning hoops to win something? Easy and simple.

To enter this giveaway to win your very own copy of Nueva York, leave a comment on this post. It can be something as simple as, “I’m leaving a comment” or as cool as telling me your favorite kids’ music or your favorite music memories from your childhood. You don’t get “extra credit” for being creative you just get the distinction of adding to what could be a pretty cool discussion.

If you’re on Twitter and you feel like tweeting about this giveaway then leave another comment with the link to the page showing that you tweeted it. You get a second entry if you tweet this giveaway. [Example of the whole link thing: http://twitter.com/Tastelikecrazy/status/1796038562 ]

This giveaway will run from today until the 21st of May at 9pm. The winner will be chosen via one of the cool things at Random.org and the lucky person will be announced here on the 22nd whenever I get around to it.

Sound like fun?

***Comments closed, kids. I’ll pick a winner sometime tomorrow.***