Ladybug, You Light Up My Life

Note the candles.

Note the candles.

Note the toddler paw.

Note the toddler paw.

Cara received this nifty flashlight ladybug from Sylvania PalPODzzz through PBN and the child could not be happier.

We got the box in the day after our lights came back on after our big ole ice storm and though we were initially bummed about the fact that we didn’t have the ladybug for light whilst the power was off, we quickly realized that it wouldn’t have mattered if we had gotten the thing while the power was out since we wouldn’t have been able to charge it.

Cara flipped out when she saw the cute ladybug.

“MY LADYBUG!!! [insert two year old squealing here]”

Tucker plugged it up and placed it on Cara’s nightstand and Cara sat on her bed for twenty minutes talking to the thing and petting it.

When Tucker initially plugged it up, the lights in Cara’s room were on and there really wasn’t much to see other than the ladybug hanging out on her leaf. When I turned the lights off, the leaf glowed a very pleasant green and Cara was even more in love. [If such a thing is possible.]

Ever since Cara got it in the mail, the ladybug has been a fixture [literally and figuratively] in Cara’s life. When she goes to sleep at night, it’s her nightlight. If I have to go in her room to change her diaper or to take her to the bathroom, I don’t have to worry about tripping over whatever “landmine” she’s left in the floor for me.

When it’s two hours past her bedtime and I can still hear her in her room talking, I know that she’s taken her ladybug off of its cradle and is reading Little Bear to herself. Maybe some moms would scold their kids about reading by flashlight, but I can remember doing the same thing when I was little and I figure that she’s not hurting anything.

We have an issue in our house with Cara carting “LADYBUG [!!!]” off to some random part of the house and then when bedtime comes around, we have to search under every piece of furniture that we own to find the thing. Even if we can’t find Ladybug, the leaf still glows so Cara still has her nightlight.

This is one of those things that, if I had known about it beforehand, we would have bought  for Cara. I like that it serves multiple purposes-flashlight and nightlight-and the design is very cute.

When Ollie gets a bit older, we plan on getting him the rocket ship version. Why should his sister have all of the fun?


  • Great design
  • Intensity of the glow varies based on the brightness of the room
  • Ladybug doubles as a flashlight
  • Cara LOVES it


  • Base must be plugged into an outlet [minor dislike since I’m glad I don’t have to find batteries for the thing]

Definitely something that I would recommend to friends.