It was Cold and Stuff

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The ICE STORM OF ’09 [!!!].

Well, that’s how the local news station like to word it anyway.  This area didn’t get hit too bad.  Granted, we were w/out power for a day and a half and the apartment got a bit chilly but all things considered, we didn’t have it as bad as most.  Cara was confused as shit as to why the lights wouldn’t work but she was just fine when it was still light outside.  We bought her a HUGE thing of colors and some blank paper to keep her entertained.

We’ve been declared a “national disaster area” for whatever that’s worth but I’m not sure that help can come quick enough to those who truly need it.

Since I’m still trying to catch up on email after not having power for a day or two, I present to you a video of the ice and the nifty olive oil lamp that Tucker made.