Another Ill-Fated Trip

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This weekend we were all set to head off to Alabama for the birthday party of some friends of ours’ son.  We got the truck/SUV loaded, the kids packed and set off Friday morning at a pretty early hour.

Coffee was drank and the kids were napping and life was good.

Somewhere right outside of Memphis we started to notice the truck doing this weird rattle thing.  The pavement was rather suspect [as most pavement in AR and TN tend to be] and once the road changed, the rattle stopped.

We didn’t think much of it until about fifteen minutes later when the ENTIRE truck started rattling.  You know those torture exercise devices that they used to use in the 40’s where you put a band around your waist and the thing would shake you?  Yeah.  I imagine that our SUV and that thing probably felt about the same.

Since the shaking couldn’t be ignored, we pulled on to the shoulder and Tucker got out to see what was going on.  I mentioned that maybe a caliper was stuck and sure enough, the back left rotor was hotter than Paul Newman in A Long Hot Summer.  We limped our vehicle into the dealership and then proceeded to sit there for a VERY long time while the car guys confirmed that a caliper was stuck and “good thing you brought it in since the gas lines are back there. ha, ha, ha”.

Cause, you know, hearing that my SUV [containing my entire family] could have become a fireball is always what I consider a good time.

After much waiting and much bitching, we managed to get a rental and continued on our merry way to Alabama and actually had a rawkin’ good time.

But, the good time post is for another night.