More On UPS

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On the 21st, I wrote about a guy I saw at UPS.

I guess karma has come back to bite me in the ASS!


After I wrote about Hawaiian print shirt guy, I got on UPS.com to see how much the guy would have had to spend to have Saturday pick-up and get it where he wanted it when he wanted it.

Keep in mind here that I NEVER entered any of my info other than my zip-code and the zip-code of the destination; promise!

I discovered that it would have cost him $33.43 for Saturday pick-up and to get to Oklahoma 2nd day. I laughed at his tightwaddedness since he paid something like $27.33 to have it picked up on Monday and delivered by Thursday. I figured that he might as well have shelled out the extra $6.10 to get it there when he wanted.

Whatever. Back to the story.

So I just checked the mail and there was something from UPS. At first, I thought that it was a notice of delivery of my damn book. Wrong!

It was a “Delivery Service Invoice”! For what delivery you ask?

Apparently the delivery that UPS created for me when I figured out how much Hawaiian shirt guy’s shipping would have cost him.

Yep, that’s right. 33.43 for a delivery to Ada, OK that never happened!

What’s really weird is that the tracking # is real, but, the shipment originated in Charlottesville, VA and was delivered to Shawnee, OK. Weird, huh? On a random note, Shawnee has some kick-ass horse sales.

UPS gods, if you’re reading this: LEAVE ME ALONE!