Rain, Kias and PJs

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Did you know that it rains in Florida? You did?! Well, could you please inform the assholes who feel the need to drive with their hazards on when it’s raining? Please?

One of the “hazard people” almost took us out.

We were in our lane, they were in theirs…with their hazards a blazin’. The next thing we know, their little KIA came swerving into our lane. I can only assume that they had turned on their blinker since they seemed exceptionally offended that our Kia eating SUV was in their way.

But, guess what?

We had no way of knowing that they had turned on their blinker since they had their hazards on!

Thanks for listening…I just had to get that out.

We braved the rain so that we could search Target for some footed sleepers for Cara.

Cutting the toes off of her 6-9 mo sleepers had gotten old and pretty much defeated the purpose of having footed sleepers in the first place.

Since Target had buttcuss in the way of 12 mo sleepers, we ventured to BabysRUs.

Now, the child is the proud owner of actual PJs!

I’m not quite sure why I’m so excited by this fact, but I could hardly wait to get home and dig through her adorable night clothes.

Maybe part of my excitement is because the little one isn’t so little any longer.

She has pajamas! She’s a big kid now!

Next thing I know, she’ll be wanting to borrow the KIA eating SUV.