Dark Mood Cometh Again

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I can feel the wind shifting; I know it won’t be long now.

My previous week of high productivity is quickly coming to an end. I’m looking around the apartment right now and I really could care less that the kitchen is a wreck. (sorry Kate)

I am washing some clothes right now, but, with respect to full disclosure, the cat did pee on some of them. It was either wash the clothes, or smell cat piss all day; I chose to wash them.


Oscar is one of those cats that everyone likes. Even people who hate cats like Oscar. He just has a little je ne sais quois. Maybe it’s the fact that he comes when you snap for him. Maybe it’s the fact that he obeys voice commands. I really don’t know.

When Cara was first born, Oscar would watch her with moderate interest and then go about his business. He has turned into an awesome kid’s cat. He lets Cara crawl all over him and slobber on his head. It’s a fun thing to watch.

However, Oscar’s future at the Crazy household is currently in question. He keeps peeing on stuff and that just ain’t cool.

His litter box is clean and scooped. Nothing about his environment has changed and he’s not sick. Basically, the little furry shit head has no excuse.

Oscar, if you’re reading this, quit pissing on stuff!


I have been having the worst dreams here lately.

Night before last, I dreamt that some of my friends were just acting like they were my friends because of some “out to get me” plot that was never really explained. Damn dreams.

Last night, I dreamt that Tucker was screaming at me over a credit card bill that I had secretly racked up. (not true, but still sucked)

Granted, these aren’t the “boogie man” nightmares, but they feel extremely real at the time and they seem to feed directly on my insecurities and that just sucks.

Why can’t I have fun dreams?