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I was over at Blogher this morning and read an interesting article that Leslie Brooks wrote concerning “redshirting” kids. If you don’t know what that is (cause I didn’t), redshirting is the practice of delaying a child’s entry into Kindergarten until they are physically larger or more “ready”. I’m originally from a town of about 60,000 in NE Arkansas and “redshirting” just isn’t done. The only time that a child’s entry into Kindergarten is delayed is when the kid has some sort of learning disability or is very immature for their age.


I assassinated my old website not too long ago when I was transfering hosts.  Unfortunately, I lost ALL of my old content.  I have been slowly republishing posts that I have found on my feed reader but this is one of those post from my “partial feed” phase.  It was a post that I was very proud of and I’m sorry that I don’t have it all for you to read.