Always Amazingly Awesome Montero

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Dear Lola,

How is it that you rock so much?

Not only are you amazingly dependable, you manage to transport all of my crap and I love you for that.

Though some may scoff at your large size and chastise me for having such a large vehicle, you and I know that your size is an asset not an issue.

Sure, I don’t particularly enjoy filling your over-sized gas tank. But, I do it anyway since I know that if I do, you’ll take me to Starbucks. [I’m easy that way]

Remember all of the trips we’ve taken together?

Like last Christmas, when we drove from Florida to Arkansas and back and Tucker was able to fill you with all of our crap, Cara’s crap AND all of Cara’s presents.

Good times.

I love the fact that I can pack the dogs, Cara, me, Tucker, Cara’s stroller and a big cooler and go to the beach and not have ot worry about if everything will fit.

Plus, we both know that I’m a bit vain and you look way cooler than a minivan.

So, hats off to you, Lola.

You’re the “car” of my dreams.

Hugs and kisses,


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