Picking Up Chicks

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Chick, man.Tucker got home from school yesterday and we were discussing our days.

His was spent trying to strong-arm his way into a finance class and mine was spent solving site issues and chasing Cara.

What I found particularly special was the fact that my entire day was summarized into about five minutes worth of talk while the actual day had felt BIG and BUSY and STRESSFUL.  There’s nothing like that “How was your day” talk to make your day feel small.

Dinner was ordered [Chinese!!] and Cara was watching Curious George for the five millionth time.  While I was working, Tucker randomly told me that there was an Asian girl in one of his classes who was wearing a Phi Mu shirt.

Me – Was she kinda chunky?

Tucker – Um…no.  She’s pretty thin.

Me – Oh.  Well there was a Phi who was Asian while I was a Phi Mu and she was kinda chunky.  Not fat but chunky.  She was pretty and everything but her butt…

Tucker – No, she’s thin and looks REALLY Asian; I thought she was a foreign exchange student until she started talking…

Me – [By this point I had pretty much stopped listening to him]

Tucker – mumble, mumble, mumble, boobs

Me – [Boobs got my attention] You should ask her if she’s a Phi Mu from ASU or if she’s from somewhere else.  I might know her.  Ask her when she pledged cause your wife was a Phi Mu.

Tucker – How am I supposed to pick up chicks if I’m talking about my wife?!