Cupcakes Lower Stress

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Oliver’s sleep sucked a big one last night so that meant that my sleep sucked as well.

We’ve moved Cara’s crib into our room and I’ve been trying to have Ollie in his bed for at least part of the night to give me and Tucker more room in the bed.  [It’s VERY nice to be able to stretch out again.]

For some reason, Oliver would stay asleep for about ten minutes [just enough time for me to get under the covers and all toasty] and then wake up fussing.  I swear that I was functioning in an alternate universe last night as the midnight hour seemed to last about five hours.

During all of my awake time, I had plenty of time to consider Cara’s cake that I’m supposed to make for her party on Saturday.  The plan was for me to make a “practice” cake prior to the blessed event so that I could work all of the kinks out.

The more I pondered this, the more I dreaded it.  The more issues and problems that I could predict and the more I wanted no part of the whole gig.

I finally came to the conclusion that this party is for a two year old.  Granted, she’s one smart cookie but she’s a two year old all the same.  Cara will spend more time playing with the boxes that her gifts came in than she will spend looking at her cake.  Also, who doesn’t love a tasty cupcake?

So, about twenty minutes ago, I bought one of those handy-dandy cupcake stands and I’ll just make a couple dozen of the little guys and be done with it.

Woo hoo for easy decisions that kill a good deal of stress.

Much like my Dora Proof that Dora equals vermin, cupcakes have now been proven to lower stress.