I’m the Only One Awake

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One thing that’s so cool about having a laptop and a wireless router is that I’m able to sit in the middle of my bed right now and write this.

Everyone and thing in my house is asleep right now and I’m taking this chance to get some work done.  Cara stayed at Mom’s house Sunday night [the turkey was awesome and none was left, by-the-way] and Cara had a real problem going to bed last night.  Actually, she went straight to bed when I put her down but was awake about two hours later and was crying for me.

I went in there and laid down in her bed with her and she settled down.  I ended up being the stereotypical mom and had to get her a glass of water which she gulped down so that helped me feel a bit better about “giving it” to her request for the water.  I made sure that her Pull-Up was dry and tucked her in and left her in bed.

She continued to cry for about thirty minutes.

I was stuck with the really crappy choice of going in there and knowing that she would go to sleep with the quickness or with the other option of just letting her put herself back to sleep.  In the end, Tucker put her on the couch with him and I didn’t hear a peep out of either of them after about five minutes – and that’s where they are right now.

I know that tonight is going to suck major ass since I refuse to get into the habit of sleeping with her or being in there until she goes to sleep.  She had a MAJOR sleep association with me when she was younger since I would always nurse her completely asleep and then leave and it was hell to get her to sleep by herself.  That means that today we have to get back on our schedule that has gotten totally fucked by Christmas and stick to that schedule.  Hopefully tonight won’t be as bad as I’m fearing.

I’m looking at Ollie right now and know that he’s going to be up the second I publish this and that’s fine – I really don’t have another option other than it being fine.  🙂  One of the gifts that Ollie got for Christmas was a play mat that lights up and has all kinds of cool hanging things.  After probably five minutes on the mat, Ollie had used one of the animals to push off of and had rolled his canned ham ass over.  I don’t technically count that roll since he had help.

The three times after that counted since he wasn’t touching anything.  Then he started doing this weird inch worm move and kept getting off of the damn mat.  I’ve always known that he was a strong dude but we don’t really put him on the floor since that wool area rug that we have sheds so bad so I didn’t know if Ollie was going to be as physical as Cara was – guess he’s gonna be.

It’s going to be interesting to see what happens now that he can be put on the floor to beat up some stuffed jungle animals.