All About Olivia

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If you’ve never read any of the Olivia the Pig books then I’m here to tell you that I’m the EXPERT!

I have attained this distinction by the simple fact that I have read the first Olivia book to Cara 29 times.  And I think that we got the book for her on Tuesday.  It all started when Cara saw a commercial for the new Olivia show that Noggin is doing and from that second on it was nothing but “OLIVIA THE PIG!!!”. 

We took her to “THE BOOKSTORE!!!” and let her pick out the Olivia book that she wanted and she definitely chose appropriately. 

The gist of the story that she chose is that Olivia wears everyone [including herself] out and she never wants to take a nap or go to bed.  Cara to a fucking T.  Each character in the book – meaning Olivia, her brother Ian, the mom the dad, the cat and the dog – is actually a “character” in her family.  The mom is me.  The dad is Tucker.  Ian is Oliver.  The cat and dog are Oscar and Sophie, respectively. 

Of course Olivia is Cara, unless it’s the Olivia in a ballerina outfit, in which case that’s “DADDY!!!”.  Yeah…not so sure about that one, myself. 🙂

Bedtime is MY time with Cara.

Tucker take Ollie and Cara and I sit in her room and read stories and it looks like Olivia will be a major fixture in our story time for quite a while.

Good thing I like the book.