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I started this blog/site/whatever the hell you wanna call it because someone asked me if I had a blog.  At the time, I didn’t even really know what a blog was though I had heard about the mythical beast.

I’ve been writing stories and in journals since I was about five and this just seemed like a natural progression.

Once I started, I went whole hog and now write for a butt ton of other sites and I actually get paid to do it.  [Butt ton actually means that I write for a couple of gaming sites and have somehow managed to con these people into giving me money for my drivel.]

Now, I find myself looking at situations in life and thinking “that would make a GREAT blog!!!”.  Lord knows that I’m not going to start another personal site so I can’t help but try to live vicariously through Tucker.

He recently [FINALLY] got his degree and is on the hunt for job.  I got him a blogging gig writing about video games and it was kind of fun to have someone to talk to about blogging.  I also got him on Twitter which I find TOO funny since Tucker gave me no shortage of grief for my Twitter obsession fascination.

I can’t help but think that Tucker’s job search would make a great blog topic.  There are so many people out there who are looking for jobs right now and funny things just seem to happen to Tucker.

Like today: Tucker had hijacked my laptop and was checking his email.  I sat down on the couch and he turned my laptop around so that I could see the screen.  There was an email from Monster.com.  Fun!  Exciting!  I was less than excited by the fact that Tucker was on my laptop and Tucker’s email wasn’t really that thrilling to me at that moment.  Tucker asked me if maybe his dad has a Monster.com account since they have close names and Monster.com had just asked for his name when he tried to login and he had to change his email and yada, yada, yada and Tucker was wondering if maybe he had “hijacked” his dad’s account.  We got a bit of a laugh out of that and Tucker mentioned that he would call his dad to figure out what was going on.

Fast forward the ole clock by about ten minutes.

Tucker was again on my laptop [maybe still?] and he was again [maybe still?] checking his email.  I was still sitting next to him on the couch [we live VERY exciting lives] and Tucker got another email concerning his Monster.com account.  EXCEPT, this email was from the guy’s account that Tucker had “hijacked”.  The guy had been getting emails about “his” new resume and he had thought that it was odd.  Turns out THAT guy has Tucker’s EXACT name and he was nice enough to email Tucker to let him know what was up and to send Tucker the new password to the account.

Now THAT is some funny shit.  Wouldn’t you read that if it was written on Tucker’s blog?  I mean, you read it here so why not on his own site?  And I don’t really feel like making a “Tucker’s Job Search” section.  Then again, I guess I would be obligated to read the damn thing and I’m not so great right now with reading other blogs/sites/whatever the hell you call these things.

Oh well…I’m going to keep working on his jobless ass since I’m like a pitbull when I get an idea in my head-I don’t give up.  [You thought I was going to say that I eat small children, didn’t you?]