30 Hours in a Day

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I am notorious for taking too much on.  I don’t know if this is a manifestation [love that word] of manic periods or if that’s just how I’m hardwired but I’ve always done it and I’m starting to realize that I actually can’t do EVERYTHING and maintain any semblance of sanity.

Good example: My senior year of high school I signed up for AP English, College English, AP Calculus and then the regular stuff that I had to take to graduate.  My reasoning was that I might not score high enough on the AP test to get college credit so I better hedge my bets and take College English just in case.  What ended up happening is that I dropped AP Calculus-my taking that class was stupid since I’m horrible in math-and I ended up with two research papers my senior year.  Also, I scored a four on the AP English test so I received college credit but that didn’t really matter since I was already guaranteed college credit by the simple fact that I was already taking College English through our local University.

What also happened is that I started taking Mini Thins so that I could stay up to get all of my work done and I started sleeping [and not eating] at lunch.  I ended that year of highschool burned out and pretty damn unhealthy.

Part of the problem is that I have a hard time saying no.  So, when someone offers me something that I know that I can do, I say yes.  I forget to consider all of the other things that I’m doing already and just assume that adding another thing to the mix won’t be so bad.

Sometimes it isn’t “so bad” and those “sometimes” reinforce me taking on extra work.

But, I’m starting to realize [finally] that there are only so many hours in the day and that I now have two kids to parent and I can’t do everything.

Being self-employed is great if you have boundaries in place as far as what your work hours are and when your home life starts.  Those boundaries have been missing in my life and Tucker has implemented a schedule for me so that I can do a better job of being a mom and a writer.

Most days I wish that there were actually about 30 hours in the day so that I can get everything done but that’s never going to happen and I can’t say that is necessarily a bad thing.