Latenight Shedding and No More Drug Dealers

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Nap time is a BAD time for me to workout.

In theory it’s great. Both kids are asleep. No distractions. Nothing to get in between me and Jillian Michaels.

Except all of the work that I know that I should be doing and how much of that work I can squeeze into those two [sometimes three] hours of blissful silence. I started the DVD right after I put Cara down for her nap and Ollie was already asleep.

I made sure that the DVD was only playing the music and NOT Jillian Michaels voice [nothing against the lady but I don’t wanna hear her whilst sweating my ass off] and got down to business.  Somehow I managed to feel LESS fit than I did the first day. How the hell does that happen? I toughed it out for about seven minutes [don’t laugh] and then Ollie started crying and the work shit kept nagging me so I turned everything off.

But, as soon as I finish this, I’m going in and Tucker and I are going to shred our asses off. I find it mildly humours that Tucker is having as much trouble with this DVD as I am.

And to those of you who could give two shits about my “journey” to a smaller ass, let me assure you that this hasn’t become a “fitness” blog. This is just my way of keeping track of what I’m doing-and not doing.

On an exceptionally positive note, the drug dealer dude that lived next door has gotten his drug dealing ass evicted and a very nice 40 something lady and her 17 year old son have moved in. She told me her name, as did he, but I can’t remember names to save my life so let’s call her “Blonde Lady”. [I’m very creative tonight. heh]

One good thing that I’ve noticed from this whole working out thing is that I find myself being less self conscious about how I look. Now that I’m actually trying to change my body, I don’t feel the overwhelming urge to apologize for how I look or to check to see just how much back fat is showing.

I’m doing all that I can do and that’s a hell of a lot more than I had been doing.