I Need Sleep

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I am dragging the ass tonight. [And not Tucker. heh]

I’ve been messing around with Dreamweaver some [site design, blah, blah, blah] and Tucker and I didn’t go to bed until around 11pm last night. Normally that isn’t an issue since both kids generally sleep until around 7:30 am and as long as I get six hours of sleep [and a pot of coffee] then I’m golden.

Well, last night was Oliver’s night to not sleep more than four hours total and those four hours were broken up into twenty and thirty minute intervals of sleep. What that meant for me was that by the time I got him to sleep and got my own head on my pillow, Ollie would wake up screaming.

Rinse and repeat about five bazillion times.

Cara’s sleep issues were/are epic and I devoted post after post to our experiences with her not sleeping.

When Ollie was born, I found myself with a child who slept-a lot. Some days I was scared that something was wrong with him because he slept so much. At nap times, I was able to put him in his crib while he was still awake and he would drift off to sleep with hardly a peep.

I’m not sure if he’s on the cusp of a developmental milestone [and hence the sleeping issues] or if he’s finally about to cut a tooth. Maybe he’s just been hiding his true non-sleeping colors up until now to make sure that we weren’t going to take him back?

Whatever the case, I know that Oliver thinks that sleep sucks now and so I am stuck knowing that sleep is a wonderful thing but having it put just out of my reach.

With Cara, she had moved to her own room around this time and I was able to use Dr. Ferber’s methods and within maybe two nights, she was “sleeping through the night”-sleeping at least five hours at a stretch.

With Oliver, he is in our room since we are currently living in a two bedroom triplex. Putting him in Cara’s room is out of the question since I know that neither of them would get any sleep and I have a sneaking suspicion that I would go in the room the next morning to find #1 Cara in bed with Ollie and/or #2 Ollie’s bed full of toys that Cara tossed in to “help” him sleep.

I’ve been there and done that with a child who refused to sleep. I think I’m just having such an issue with this now because for the past six months I had a child who enjoyed sleep.

I don’t do well with sudden change.