Blogger in Training

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Oliver is down for his nap and Cara just got up from hers. Technically, she didn’t take a nap BUT she did hang out in her room for an hour and was quiet so we’ll take what we can get.

Since I have some work to do, I grabbed up my laptop, my Diet Pepsi and started heading for the door. It’s pretty chilly outside today so I hurried to get outside before Cara could rush outside-she was only wearing her diaper and a t-shirt.

Before I could get the door closed, Cara stopped in her tracks, spun on her heel and hollared at me over her shoulder, “I”LL GET MY ‘PUTER AND WORK TOO!!”.

My step-mom bought Cara a little pink play laptop last year and Cara routinely crawls up on the couch between Tucker [with his laptop] and me [with my laptop] and “works”.

I guess I have a blogger in training.