When Do I Take It Out?

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I bring you an interesting question today.

When are you [meaning me] too old for an eyebrow ring?

I’ve had mine since I was 18 and now, almost ten years later, I’m still wearing it.

When I worked at Mayo Clinic, I would remove the barbell for work but put it back in on the weekends. If I had continued on the medical path then I figure this wouldn’t even be a thought in my pointed little head. I probably would have quit wearing it and that would have been that.

But, I have a job that only requires that I have Internet access and the ability to type. Hell, I don’t even have to wear clothes if I don’t want to. [But I do…just in case you were wondering.]

I’ve never been the piercing “type”. And, though I have a tattoo, I don’ t plan on covering my body with them. I might get another at some point but my tattoo is on my back and my next tattoo would have to be just as easy to cover. I got both my piercing and my tattoo just because I liked them. Unfortunately, they put me into a group and I definitely fit into more than one group.

So, I find myself at an impasse.

I like my eyebrow ring. I don’t want to take it out. I’m not forced to take it out because of a job and Tucker is just fine with it.

At what point does someone “grow out” of an eyebrow ring?