Oscar the Cat Almost Died

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Today has been one hell of a day.

It started out alright.

Tucker left for work after dumping Ollie in bed with me. Shortly after, Cara started calling, “SOMEBODY! LET ME OUT! ANYONE?! HELLO?!”. It was cute and I was awake so I let the toddler out of her room and the day officially started. I think it was around 6:30.

Oscar the Cat had been acting “strange” for a while. Not so weird to warrant a vet visit but he obviously wasn’t feeling like himself. I had just chocked it up to him not liking the cat food that I had bought him. Maybe two days ago I noticed that he was eating Sophie’s dog food and since he is SO ABOVE dog food, I replaced the offending cat food and Oscar ate in his bowl of cat chow in his usual messy ass way. [Does anyone else’s cat take a HUGE bite and then spit out the food only to then eat what’s on the floor? Only mine? I always knew he was weird.]

ANYWAY. Yeah. Kind of sorta got off topic but not really. Maybe just a really long meandering explanation? Crap! I did it again!

So. This morning.

We all got up, I had coffee. I took the dog out. The kids ate breakfast. I had coffee. We watched cartoons [and by we, I mean Ollie and Cara watched cartoons while I worked]. I had coffee.

Around noon or so, I realized that I hadn’t seen Oscar today. At all.

Finally, around 2 or so, Oscar showed up in our bedroom and was just staring at me and squalling at me. It was annoying and it was loud and it was abundantly obviousl that the cat was in pain.

I watched him try to pee [how’s that for fun?] and he growled and hunched over and bitched and squalled…you get the idea.

I felt his stomach and realized that there was a hard mass where there shouldn’t have been-Oscar’s bladder. It takes a little while for a cat to get that blocked. I’m talking like a day or so. That means that the cat hasn’t been able to pee for at least a day and I’m the fucking rockstar pet parent who didn’t realize that Oscar wasn’t peeing.

A normal cat owner would have checked the litter box but since we have a pile of clothes right next to the laundry closet room and Oscar has an unnatural obsession with dirty clothes…well…I just assumed that he was still peeing.

Called the vet. Asked vet’s secretary how much we were looking at as far as cost. Felt like MAJOR dick for asking. Went to the vet. Waited an hour and a half to see the vet. The vet was very nice and after waiting another 45 minutes, he informed us that he had drained a pint [!!!] of urine and blood out of my cat’s bladder.

For those of you who don’t know, that’s a HELL OF A LOT OF PISS.

Oscar the Cat is bunking over at the vet’s house until Thursday. Then, I’ll give the vet a call and see if the cat is still alive [and he damn well better be since I’ll kick his black ass if he dies. And that’s not racist. My cat is black and white and his ass happens to be black.]

As far as cost goes, we’re getting a good deal since I think they vet’s office realizes that there will come a point when the cost of medical care will be too much and we’ll have to put Oscar down. After the show that Cara put on when we had to leave Oscar at the vet-“OSCAR DOESN’T LOVE THE VET!!! I WANT MY CAT! OSCAAAAARRRR!”, well, we don’t want to have to put the cat down.

On a positive note, I got two boxes in the mail of stuff that I have to review.

Sometimes it’s hard having my job. 😉

Note: Cara isn’t crying because mommy drinks. Cara is crying because mommy won’t let Cara have the camera. Just thought I’d clear that up.

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