BlogHer Conference 2009

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Yesterday I started writing a post about BlogHer and how I’m going and how I’m nervous and want to puke but everyone else feels the same way so it’s OK because we’ll all be puking together and then I saved that post for a later date [today] and when I came back to that post I reread it and didn’t like it and noticed that I just wasn’t feeling the post any longer.

And then I wrote the longest sentence known to man and I felt better.

If you’re all like “They’re all gonna laugh at you” and stuff then read Mom-101’s post comparing Bloggers to Popular People. It’s good. It made me not want to puke as much. Which is nice since I don’t like puking.

So, yeah. I’m going. Tucker, Ollie and I are all going. Cara’s staying here with my mom…have I said that before? Oh well. If Ollie isn’t acting like a total ass then I’ll probably take him with me to some of the sessions. Actually, now that I think about it, if he’s not asleep then it would probably just be better to leave Oliver with Tucker. Ollie has this unnatural obsession with the keyboard of my laptop and I’d be sitting in a session trying to take notes and Ollie would be slapping the keyboard. Hope Ollie and Tucker have fun.

Lane Bryant gave me some sweet clothes to wear since I’ve been sporting the maternity fashions from last year even though Ollie’s almost 10 months old and I’m one of the Yummie Tummie ambassadors which means that my postpartum belly will look less so and hopefully the back fat will be dialed down a notch.

Random question: When Ollie’s like ten years old, I can still call it a “postpartum belly” right? When exactly do I have to stop using that? I hope it’s not soon. Don’t judge!

I’m most nervous/nauseous about the cocktail parties since they aren’t going to be structured. The sessions I can do since, worst case scenario, I’ll just hide in the back behind my laptop – which is missing its F2 key because Sophie jumped over me AND the laptop to get to a Great Dane [which tried to eat Sophies’ face] and Sophie knocked the key off. She’s talented.

Maybe I’ll get the key reattached before BlogHer and maybe I’ll take some pictures of my clothes before I go and enter that Tim Gunn/BlogHer deal. I haven’t decided about the Tim Gunn thing. I’m just a tad bit smitten and he makes me shy.

And this completes a very random post brought to you by Sophie – the dog that peed on my carpet last night so that I stepped on cold, wet dog pee carpet at 6 this morning – Tucker – who ate the last Pop Tart – and coffee – without which I would not be able to keep my eyes open.