Next Time I’ll Say Something

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I have been young and stupid and have worked many, many different jobs.

Some of those jobs I cared about but most I did not. Most of those jobs were more about socializing than rendering a service and my customers were like gnats that annoyed me.

So, I get it when I go to Target and I’m waiting in line to pay for my stuff and the cashier is talking with her fellow cashiers and isn’t really focused on her job. Because really, that’s a boring ass job.

However, I expect to be greeted. It’s a simple thing, really. Just acknowledge me. Acknowledge that my patronage is part of what helps you keep your job.

I’m not expecting you to grovel. I’m not expecting a thank you. But, I am expecting you to do your job and I have a sneaking suspicion that part of your handbook states that you should greet customers before you scan their items.

This all came about because of a girl {I call her that because she had to be under 21 since she had to have a manager clear Tucker’s beer purchase} at Target today didn’t seem to notice that I even existed. She continued with her conversation with a coworker and didn’t look at me, or Cara or Ollie until she handed me my receipt.

At first I felt slighted and then I was just pissed.

I’m a customer. Don’t be so unprofessional as to continue with a conversation about what you’re going to do after work with your customer standing right in front of you.

Don’t look OVER your customer so that you can see your friend better. That’s just rude.

I was so tempted to find a manager and rat the chick out. I wanted to. I even searched the store with my eyes for someone who looked like they were in some position of authority. But, it the end, Tucker’s hand on my arm made me come to my senses and my blood lust receded.

I didn’t want to get the stupid girl in trouble…not really. I just wanted her to realize that she had screwed up.

What I SHOULD have done is said something to her myself but there was a line and I didn’t want to make a scene.

But next time…next time I’ll say something.