Dolla Bills, Y’all

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You know you’ve spent way too much time away from your website when you find yourself typing the sentence, “See? I’m not dead.”

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: sometimes work [and that damn Twilight series] takes precedence over my site.

When this site pays as much as work then I’ll be writing over here so much that you’ll be all like “Gawd! Not again!”.

OK. Damn. Now I sound like a money grubbing bitch but I gotta write where I get paid. Can you really blame me? I’m trying to get a damn house over here, y’all.

Oh, whatever. I’ll be back. I’m not taking a break…I just don’t have anything to write today.

I leave you with this:

George Washinton WindowI’ll be back…when I have something that I want to write about cause right now I just get really tired when I think about writing anything personal.