The Owls

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Our apartment building butts up against a nature preserve.

This preserve was a major selling point for us when we looked at the apartment since Cara’s room [now Ollie’s room] has a great view of the woods and it’s almost like we’re in a house instead of an apartment.

Well…if you ignore all of the noises from above us. But, if you look out Ollie’s window, it really is like you’re so close to the woods that you could touch them if you were stupid enough to lean out a second story window.

Anyway, about a week ago, I started hearing a couple of owls hooting back and forth.

For all I know, they may have been hooting since we moved into this place but since our windows have been shut and the air conditioner has been on, we just couldn’t hear them.

So last week, I opened up our bedroom windows, went to bed and snuggled under the covers and found myself strangley comforted by the hoots. I fell asleep and didn’t think much more about them.

And then it continued. Every single night.

Last night was the worst.

Owl A started up with his hooting. He hooted all by his lonesome for about five minutes – a hoot about every 30 seconds or so.

Then, Owl B started hooting. He hooted every time Owl A would shut up.

So, basically we had continuous hooting for an hour. Hoo Hoooo. Hoo Hoooo. Hoo Hoooo. You get the idea.

Tucker, who I had thought was asleep, turned over to me and through clenched teeth told me that if he “had a shotgun right now [he] would shoot their fucking heads off”.

Apparently the owls kept Tucker up too.