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Yesterday I hopped on Twitter and saw the hashtag “#prayersforAnissa” and had no freakin’ clue what was going on. After asking a couple of people, I found out that Anissa had a stroke yesterday afternoon and was/is in ICU.

I met Anissa in person this past July when I went to BlogHer. I already “knew” her through Twitter and her website but meeting her at BlogHer was the icing on the cake.

Since all the extra cash we have is used before we even get it, I can’t donate to help Anissa and her family. BUT, what I can do is the get her story out there.

I’ve direct messaged some of the people I regularly talk to on Twitter with more reach than me and asked them to mention Anissa. Thanks to: Montaignejns, PeasandBananas, Joegerstandt, SookieBonTemps, and David_N_Wilson. If I missed anyone, I’m sorry. I also think it’s freakin’ awesome all of the people who have retweeted for someone they’ve never talked to – sometimes people amaze you with how cool they can be.

Part of getting the word out is sending you to a place where you can help make a difference.

Heather at The Spohrs Are Multiplying has set up a page with updates on Anissa’s condition as well as where you can send packages/letters and a sign-up form to help out Anissa and her family.

You can also find updates at Aiming Low – though they’ve been having server issues.

Anne at The Meglomaniac Mommy has a “Pray for Anissa” button you can grab and put on your site or use as a Twitter avatar.

If you’re like me and don’t have any spare cash to donate then spread the word.


If I’ve missed a site, let me know and I’ll add it.