Acting Like They Like Each Other

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I guess this is supposed to be a “wordless” Wednesday but you know how good I am at doing anything wordless…I suck at it.

So, here are pictures that were taken over the Christmas holiday. Most were taken on Christmas Day and most were taken by my in-laws.

Pretty much all of them slay me. Though I see my kids constantly, looking back at photos always leaves me realizing how freakin’ funny they are.

My personal favorites are the ones were Caroline and Oliver are trying to look like they like each other’s company.

And yeah, I know Christmas was like 5 million years ago, but I just got around to pulling the images from my father-in-law’s thumb drive. Sue me.

Wait. Don’t sue me. That would suck.

Brownie Image/Flickr All others are either by me or my in-laws