Computer Viruses are No Fun

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You wanna know why you should never complain out loud about things going not so badly?

Because the next thing you know, your gonna get snowballed with crap and find yourself saying to…well…yourself that maybe things weren’t so bad when your husband got a traffic ticket and maybe you should have written about puppies and kittens or something instead.

I started writing this on Monday by using Tucker’s computer and since he didn’t leave me with a power cord for his laptop, about 50 words into this, his battery died and I was left with using my phone to Google error codes. Thank the internet gods for 3G access on my phone.

Why was I using Tucker’s laptop you ask since I have this rockin’ red laptop named Darwin?

Well, y’all, Darwin almost went to the Great Laptop Coldroom in the Sky. Note to anyone who searches for images with Google – it’s generally a very good idea to be familiar with the website the image is from.

And if I were you, reading that last part about knowing what site you’re going to and all that stuff I would completely be rolling my eyes cause I know that already.

Really. I do.

And yet, I saw an image I thought was interesting and clicked on it and then my browser got hijacked and I was all like “HOLY SHIT!!! CLOSE! CLOSE! CLOSE! GET ME THE HELL OUT OF HERE!!!”.

I got everything closed. Finished up what I was working on and then went to bed.

And while I was sleeping, this damn Trojan/virus [H8SRT] was spreading around poor Darwin and turning off important services, eating up my browser functionality and basically messing about.

When I got up the next morning, I couldn’t use Internet Explorer [my searches kept getting redirected] and things were just off.

By Monday, Darwin was just a shell of his former self. He would not boot normally – I had to boot him in Safe Mode and even that was iffy.

After spending all day Sunday AND Monday working on Darwin, I finally resuscitated him.

Now, I need to do a system restore. That’s going to take forever. BUT, hopefully when it’s all said and done, I’ll have a completely healthy laptop again.

Cross your fingers for Darwin. He’s gonna need it.