Like Waiting for Christmas

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Do you ever feel like there’s this “perfect storm” of events hanging over your head and if they all happen then life will be all easy peezy and life will instantly become just the way you’ve always wanted?

Do you ever feel like you should be given an award for the World’s Longest Sentence?

Yeah. This is going to be another one of those kind of cryptic posts I can’t stand but I have to write because I have to get it out.

We’re not in a bad place right now.

Tucker has a somewhat stable job – as stable as a contractor job can be when his contract is renewed annually. He’s got a packet in for Officer consideration with the Navy. Bills are paid and we have some savings. I’ve started curating for Bliss Reads on a butt ton of topics.

But, you know, with a couple of changes – that stuff hanging over our heads – things could get much, much better.

I know all of our problems won’t be solved but at least we’d be more comfortable with our problems.

Tucker and I keep giving each other these dorky little pep talks telling each other that if it all falls through that we haven’t really lost anything. We just haven’t gained anything but we’re still OK.

But it’s kind of like Christmas when you were a kid.

You just know you’re getting present X and you’ve thought about it nonstop for like five months or something and then Christmas rolls around and you get some hideous Christmas sweater instead. That’s where we are right now. Waiting on that really cool Christmas present and hoping we don’t get that sweater.

It’s summer in the south, after all. I’d much rather get something “beachy”

And now, I feel better and you’re thoroughly confused. You’re welcome.