The Container Store $100 Gift Card Giveaway

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So, since you’re good people, I thought I would let you in on this sweet giveaway I’m doing.

On second thought, I guess it wouldn’t be a giveaway if you didn’t know about it.

Here’s the deal. I have a $100 gift card to The Container Store to give one of you sunny, happy people.

And you. YOU could win it!

This is in conjunction with Brenda Novak’s guest post and my White Heat review.

Leave a comment here on this post about how you organize your life…how you put things where they go in your life. Take it anyway you want, just leave a good comment. I like good comments.

If you want a second shot at the gift card, tweet this contest, Facebook share it or whatever, post it on a forum…just make sure you leave a link to wherever you shared it. Make sense?

This contest will run until the 20th of August at 10am Central time. Then, I’ll close the comments and use Random.org to pick a winner. Said winner will have seven days to get back with me and if they don’t, I’ll move on to the runner up. And on and on and on.

I figure, eventually, someone will get back with me. Right?

Get to commenting! There’s a $100 gift card to be won!

*Edited on 7.30.10 to add:

When you leave a comment, your IP address is logged. Normally, I don’t care about that and generally don’t even notice. But today, I’ve already received a couple of comments from the same IP address but with different names. That’s cheating, guys and I don’t like cheaters.

If you want two entries, leave a comment and then share it on Facebook. Write a blog post about it. Tweet a link to the contest. Something like that. Don’t try to be sneaky by acting like you’re two different people.

Comments by cheaters will be deleted. If you can’t play nice, you can’t play.

Also, please don’t leave your email address in your comment. When you leave your comment, you enter in your email address so it’s already with your comment if you win. Hope that makes sense. I just don’t want random people seeing your email address.*

*Edited on 8/20/10 to announce winner:

Donna Timmerman, COME ON DOWN!!!

I’ll contact Donna via email and she’ll have 7 days starting today to get back to me. If I don’t hear from her by 10 am on 8.27.10 then I’ll move generate a new winner. Thanks to everyone who commented. I enjoyed reading all the different responses.



  1. Organizing? What in the world is that?

    When we first moved to this house there was very little storage cupboards or cabinets. I literally had my moving boxes stacked down the hallway. Ugh.

    My brilliantly-handy husband build a cool bookshelf type unit in the entry way – with cubby holes. I use wicker or bamboo baskets to organize everything as a little stop-and-go station where we first enter the house. A basket for the keys and wallets to go, hooks for jackets and my purse, a basket for the handy-man-items that need to go back outside *wink*, a shelf for library books, it’s really handy.

    Even when things are messy they are at least 1-contained and 2-partially hidden. Which is more than I can say for the laundry pile right now.

  2. Wow, that’s an awesome giveaway. I am organizationally challenged and can use all the help I can get. My favorite method of organization is toss everything that I can’t find a home for. It’s quite effective, but it doesn’t always go over so well with other members of the family. 😉

  3. Amber G says

    I organize my life by trying to give myself enough down time to relax and meditate and enjoy each day and each moment because otherwise life goes by too fast in a messy blur! Writing a diary at least a few times each week also helps me organize my thoughts and my life.

  4. Dominique55 says

    I would love to be able to call a Closet Company and have them come out, measure walls, and install slots and cubbyholes to help get me organized, but since I have to do it, the Gift Card would get me started in a big way. Just getting less bulky hangers would go a long way to getting organized. And let’s not even get started on shoes – I love ’em!

  5. I too need a class on organization. There’s not much space to store things so I would love to win a gift card to get us on the right track.

  6. Organize? I’m now getting ready to go out and get a replacement passport because I can’t find mine. Anywhere. I’ve torn this place from top to bottom and I just can’t locate it. Now I’m going to have to shell out money I’d rather spend on something else, just because I’ve allowed myself to let my home become so DISorganized.

    I swear, I was just vowing that I need to get myself organized when I came across your giveaway. This gift card would definitely help motivate me to get back on track. I mean, just going into the Container Store would be a big step in the right direction. 🙂

  7. I recently realized that I’ve accumulated entirely too many things since moving into my 1 bedroom condo just over 4 years ago. So, I donated lots of clothing and other household items to local charities but I still don’t have enough functional storage. This gift card would go a long way towards finding good storage solutions. Thanks for the chance to win!

  8. Tweet: http://twitter.com/CardioBunny/status/19918547720

    *Sorry if this is a dupe*


    I organize everything especially in the pantry Canned food alphabetical order facing forward, spices alphabetical order. Containers under bed with blankets for winter labeled winter, blankets for summer labeled summer. Dont even get me started on Holiday decorations. lol

    waitressdani (at) hotmail (dot) com

  10. James Nickerson says

    I get organized by never taking my mail into the house unless I need it. I have a trashcan in my garage and all junk mail hits it before I enter the house.

  11. Marilyn Wons says

    I organize my life by keeping a daily list of all the chores that need to be done that day. I check them off as they are completed!

  12. I organize my life by making lists and keeping multi-layered calendars (work, personal, kids stuff, bills, etc.) I never leave the office without making the next day’s “to do” list.

    I really need this GC. We need to move our stuff out of storage (to save $100/month) and I need shelving in my garage BADLY!!!!

  13. susan varney says

    i’m not very good at oraganziing things mverno@roadrunner.com

  14. Mickeyfan says

    Sadly, organization is NOT my strong suit. I am always on the lookout for things to assist me. Right now, I am trying to put together a new office space, so anything to help me get my act together in there would be much appreciated! (And I kick it old school, so a Rolodex is at the top of my list right now.)

  15. I have a binder, which I put all the product manuals in. I sort it by room of the house and that way I can quickly find the manuals (and receipts) for all big purchases.

  16. I am just starting over in life and getting rid of the old choas but thrwing it away as it comes in- catalogs, magazines, empty boxes- not saving everything and hoardingo

  17. We currently have kitchen, living room, and a bedroom strewn with containers and luggage. Believe it or not, this is us organizing things. We are preparing for next week when we will be leaving to spend a week and a half in a campground with no electricity. We’ve gone to this same big event for many years now. So I am well aware that, if it were left up to my husband, not a thing would be packed yet, and we’d be running days late by the time he was ready. So you see, containers and luggage spread throughout 3 rooms is us being organized. 🙂

  18. courtney says

    actually i really don’t organize my life.. it’s a mess! that’s why i need the gift card. ilove the container store, they have awesome knick knacks. i have so much stuff i need containers! help!

  19. Colleen says

    I love to organize everything. All things have their own space. My friends call me to come to their house and get them organized.

  20. One way in which I organize my life is to use expandable files. I have a file folder for receipts, for this years doctor’s visits for my little one, for cards to send, and so forth. I keep them stacked in a filing cabinet, and label the tops of the files to be able to pull what I need quickly. I love the Container Store, and have had my eye on their recycling bins!

  21. Jessica Baake says

    My idea of “getting organized” USED to be: live for weeks in an ever-increasing mess with ever-increasing frustration, until finally the frustration would be strong enough to propel me into a cleaning frenzy where I would throw away practically everything in my path and work my fingers to the bone to finally acheive an almost zen-like, minimalistic living space. That, by the next day, would have this or that out of place and soon the cycle would start all over again.

    Then, I met my husband. He’s a civil engineer. “Getting” organized is not something he understands. “Being” organized is how he lives.

    So, after 6 years of marriage I still tend towards my old ways, but I’ve gotten better and that’s mainly because of his lecturing me about “everything having its own place.” And, he’s right – if the scissors I just pulled out of THAT drawer are just left out on the counter, then chances are that when they’re thrown back in any old drawer I might not be able to find them next time. So, I’ve changed, little by little and I’ve adopted some of his organized mannerisms.

    He would DROOL while shopping in The Container Store, I’m sure. And probably leave his wallet in the car because he wouldn’t trust himself. I drool over the idea of winning this contest. It would, for my husband, be almost like buying myself some lingerie. Silk is sexy, plastic organizational boxes…divine!

  22. Heather S says

    I make alot of crafts so I get those clear tubs and label them with a label maker. That way I know exactly what to grab based on the project I am working. I also like bins for under the sinks in the bathroom to keep things looking organized.

  23. Well I had a beautiful comment, but it was erased since I didn’t have referrers turned on, so I’ll just say that I organize my life by keeping in mind what i can and cannot control. Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  24. meeyeehere says

    I have organization problems so my way of dealing with clutter and clutter prevention is to buy big plastic boxes to store away all the stuff I do not have a place for and it keeps my closets looking tidy and it keeps all my stuff safe.

  25. Linda Fish says

    I’m not very organized with my life, thats why I would love to win this. I would like to buy containers for my cabinets to make them look neater

  26. Sarah Hirsch says

    I have an organized mind, so much of my life is organized mentally. This means remembering dates instead of using a paper calendar for appointments and parties, and rmembering where I put things instead of necessarily having a place for everything and everything in its place. Seems to work….for now at least.


    i orgavize my life by always putting things back in their proper space. A weekly maid doesn’t hurt either.

  28. Denise B. says

    I always make sure everything is put away in its proper place when it’s no longer needed or used at the moment. Everyday, I make it a point to clean a section of the house. This way, I don’t spend much time on it and cleaning doesn’t feel monotonous.

  29. Sharon B says

    Being organized calms me. I like everything to have a place, and everything to be in it’s place. My shoes are all in clear boxes. My sweaters live with all the other sweaters, the jeans hang with the other jeans. My pantry is neat and everything is easy to see. My calendar keeps me organized on when to go where. My desk is neat, with only the To Do items in the pile, everything else filed away. In the long run, you save time and energy when items are where you expect them to be.

  30. Ok, I’m here. I’m entering. Happy now?

    Seriously, organization calms me too. That accounts for the clutter I have – because I HAVE NO ORGANIZATION. I have kids – I think (in my life anyway) that precludes organization. I need it to feel ok – to feel calm and not so uptight and bitchy, but it doesn’t happen enough. No sooner do I organize something, clean something up – some littler person undoes it. Makes. me. crazy. (crazier).

  31. Denise S says

    Wow, blog contests are time consuming enough without using multiple names!
    Anyway, I’m a pretty organized person with everything in its place and stacked neatly, but I’m always looking for ways to improve.

  32. Linda Lansford says

    I tend to organize as I go. Things are rarely out of place

  33. Stephanie Grant says

    I like to have things organized by usage in the kitchen, I like to have the things I use daily in the front and easy to get to and I have a spare bedroom I use for all of my bills and such to keep them in different baskets so that they don’t get mixed up.

  34. Elizabeth says

    taking care of my almost 7 month old son all day has made my life less organized than i would like. My husband and i are hopefully moving into a house soon (instead of our tiny 750 sq ft apartment) and i would love to become more organized in the new house!

  35. Elizabeth says

    i shared about this giveaway on twitter http://twitter.com/eljho88/status/20025317640

  36. Sharon Harmon says

    I put things right back where they go after using them. I get rid of clutter.

  37. Stephanie V. says

    try try as I might living in a townhome with 3 kids and a messy hubby there is just not enough room for all the “stuff”. I do my best but really need some good organizing tools to get it right.
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  38. My IP rotates, so I’m crossing my fingers that no-one else in the tri-county area, with the same provider, enters the same contest. lol

    Anyway, how do I organize my life? Very. Badly.
    I stink at it.
    Unless we’re talking computer files. I TOTALLY have a system for that. Seperating school papers from other papers, school papers than get separated by semester, and then by class….and I just realized how much of a dork I am.

    Erm. The comment box won’t let me go back and correct that mis-spelling. It will only let me go alllll the way up to the top, or alll the way down the bottom.

    Anyway, organizing. I never have $$ for fancy systems, or waterproof containers. Or containers with lids.
    And I need something not complicated, because it’s POSSIBLE that I am easily distracted.

    And I like pie.

  39. I organize my life by putting things back where they belong every time. I mostly do this because I have a tendency to lose things–that’s easy to do if you throw stuff anywhere when you’re done with it. By having a place for everything and putting things in their place, I’m more organized and a lot more likely to find stuff when I need it.

  40. Christine says

    don’t have the space to even begin

  41. I always used to lose my keys until I finally just put a nail in the wall by the front door. I had to get into the habit of hanging them there but after about a week it was routine. Now I never lose them!

  42. Deborah R says

    I organize my life by constantly asking myself “what’s more important at this moment?” and then doing that thing. Sometimes, that means the beds don’t get made but it always means folks have plenty of hugs, time to play with me or whatever other important thing might be ready to happen.

  43. Deborah R says
  44. Flossie K. says

    I guess we can’t be 100% organized. We aren’t perfect. We’re human, right? But who wants to live like a pig and feel completely overwhelmed? The way I try to have some order in my life is to “have a place for everything and put everything in its place”. Also I try to keep ahead of the chaos with common sense maneuvers such as doing laundry BEFORE wearing my last pair of undies.

  45. Dawn Lattanzi says

    I try to organize by finding containers to hold my daughter’s never ending mass of toys. I still haven’t quite figured out a method to get her involved, so that I am not constantly organizing and reorganizing!

  46. Dawn Lattanzi says

    Here is my tweet for the contest:


    By the way, thank you for checking the IP addresses so that some of us have a FAIR chance at the contest!

  47. I put things where I’ll think to look for them.

  48. I try to pick up every night after the little one goes to sleep…since we moved to our new house a year ago we have very little in way of storage devices so I would love to win…the husband would be thrilled to have my neat and tidy stacks on the floor moved to clear buckets (which is the way I like to store stuff)

  49. Autumn B. says

    baggies – i keep everything in different baggies with labels (think kids toys, puzzles, etc)

  50. Jennifer m says

    I try hard to organize but it doesn’t always work very well. Maybe with some help from the container store I could get organized?

  51. Shelley Mitchell says

    My kids closets are a mess! I could really use some containers to get these organized! Thanks!

  52. brandlyn says

    I just bought a house and had a baby so my life is kind of in chaos at the moment and I would love to get organized with some cute containers and storage.

  53. Mellissa C says

    I would like to use this for my hallway closet.

  54. i linked this on my facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/jessica.baake

  55. looks good

  56. sarah d. says

    I am a horrible organizer in my own home. At work, there is a place for everything and I can generally find exactly what I need on a moment’s notice. At home, I have piles of things – paperwork, laundry. I could use some good storage advice/systems.

  57. Tari Lawson says

    I am not great at organizing, hence why I want to win this :). I do put some things in baskets which I find helps keep me organized.

  58. Christine says

    I am in the process of cleaning out every room and am finding it much easier to be organized by purging myself of so much stuff. Thank you!

  59. Marcia Goss says

    I was hoping that once my kids were grown and out of the house, I could finally become more organized. I try to have a place for everything, and I make sure dishes are done and put away before I go to bed, so that we wake up to a clean, organized kitchen. It’s just hard to keep at it, and I don’t always follow through on my organizational plans.

  60. Marcia Goss says
  61. Christine says
  62. Hi, Christine. Thanks for the tweets. There are only two entries possible for this contest but feel free to publicize it as much as you want. 😉

  63. paul haddock says

    My daughter is a college student, need I say more

  64. I organize my life best with a routine. I have little rituals like doing dishes immediately after eating and doing my laundry on Tuesdays and Fridays that keep me on top of things, or at least make me feel on top of things.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  65. Oh no! I accidently put my email address in my above comment. Sorry!

  66. How do i keep things organized? Lists! I write list for EVERYTHING. Other than that, I keep memos of important things on my phone, I use any kind of storage I can – containers, shelving, dividers, etc.etc.etc. To keep all of my material possesions organized. But since I’m going to college soon, I think I could really use this!

  67. Ok, call me crazy or whatever, but I color code with hangers… Hubs is all black hangers, I’m all white, and lil man (who has his own closet) also has all white hangers. I can’t stand to have the wrong colors on the wrong racks. It drives me NUTS!

    I also organize by type of shirt, and sometimes by color too. I’m a closet nazi…

  68. I use baskets to organize items like magazines and toys. I’ve labeled the shelves in my pantry so I know what goes where.

  69. My organization in my house is erratic to say the least. Some things are quite neat and arranged in a way that almost anyone could recognize, others are set up so that I know where things are but no one else does. It works for me! I do want to get my pantry set up more neatly though, not because I can’t find things, but because many items do not stack well, and stacking is necessary to maximize the use of the space.

  70. I’ve had a lot of problems over my life as far as organization. I come from a long line of hoarder’s, my mother, my father, even my little brother has started to collect things with no thought on how to maximize his space. With this I think I could get a few really good set ups to help all of us.

  71. Leslie Price says

    I organize things best by not having too much stuff to begin with. You can’t organize clutter!

  72. Really? Cheaters for a giveaway? That takes the fun out! 🙂

    I tweeted. http://twitter.com/AngEngland/status/20656034595

    And refollowed you because apparently Twitter ate you.

  73. Suzanne K says

    I use lots of same sized boxes (usually the ones that the reams of paper come in) and mark on the outside what I’ve put inside. This works especially well for all the crafting supplies and goodies that my daughter and I have. Plus since they are all the same size, they stack very nicely and look neat, and then it’s easier to find what we are looking for.

  74. i try to stay organized by using cute little boxes and baskets for everything! and recently i have made it a goal to immediately put things up when i am done with them, it doesnt take long but it makes a big difference

  75. Heather McDonough says

    I try to get rid of something when we get something new so we don’t accumulate clutter.

  76. I use boxes for EVERYTHING. I have boxes in drawers. Boxes on shelves. Everything has a place, and that place is in a box.

  77. Debbie C says

    I DON’T organize my life and that’s a problem. I need help and The Container Store might be the place to start.

  78. Debbie C says
  79. I try to stay organized by writing all family appointments on one calendar and laying out all clothes and backpacks etc. the night before so we are ready to go in the mornings. I also try to stay ahead of the clutter by taking things out of the house to donate to chairty or give to friends whenever we bring new things in. For example, if I buy my boys 4 new pairs of jeans I make sure that I get rid of four pairs (usually easy because the old jeans don’t fit anymore or are shredded and only good for the trash can).

  80. Sylvie W. says

    To free up time I like to do “big pot cooking” on Sundays and make three large pots/casseroles of food that will last the week. This frees me up for the entire week to enjoy other activities.

  81. kelly wakefield says

    I REALLY TRY to be organized – but it doesn’t really work that well. My biggest challenge is the papers that always seem to pile up in the kitchen. I think I just need to work on staying on top of it & not letting things wait until later to put away.

  82. I am fairly organized, I try to keep “things” to a minimum & that seems to help me from becoming overwhelmed in general.

  83. Patricia says

    I organize my life with keeping things simple. I keep lists and dont take on more than I can handle.

  84. I’d love to have this card. I’m not organized at all. It’d help me save some space too. Thanks for the chance to win!

  85. I organize by putting things into some type of container. Makes it simple.

  86. Marc-Andre Taillefer says

    It would be really useful for us because our closets are a real mess

  87. barbara wright says

    I never realized how organized I was until my son came over and took over my car for his summer job. When I can grab my husband’s car, I go to the grocery store… and have NO reusable grocery bags and no coupons. I go to the library…. but the books to return aren’t there. I go to drive my daughter to one of her million friends who live on the other side of the earth… and all my pages of directions aren’t in that car. And since I can only run errands when I have a car, I also have to be quick. So no more of going to one end of town and running all the errands I have to run there one day and another set the next day somewhere else.

    So basically, our pantry is empty, I have lots of grocery bags to recycle (but can’t do it since they’re never in the same car I’m in), and I go through a lot more gas than I used to.

    P.S. For some reason, I can’t add anything to my first paragraph, so I have to add that I can’t even go to multiple grocery stores because it is SOOOOO hot that everything from the first store would melt before I got home. Normally, I keep a cooler in my car all summer. My husband’s car is FULL of his garbage, so there’s not enough room in there, either. Sigh. Aren’t you sorry you asked?

  88. barbara wright says
  89. I Organize my life by staying in control of my thoughts!
    When my thoughts are my own, my emotions become my own.
    Therefore, I can stay calm in almost any of life’s situations!

  90. Stumbled this giveaway post!

  91. I try to be organized and always put things away, but I need help! This prize would be greqat.

  92. I’ve only received on D in my life. I was in 4th grade when I cried my eyes out over a report card that listed the horrible letter underneath “Organization”.
    Years later, you think I’d learned my lesson when it came to picking up my mess. I tend to wait until the last minute and then go on a crazy run around my house, like a t0rnado of cleanliness. My home is chaotic at times, but I know that inside I’m organized and peaceful!

  93. I could be better organized, but I do try. I plan meals ahead so I can shop efficiently and I make lists of things to do and places to be and people to call.

  94. Jennifer M says

    I am a super sorter. I like everything with its own kind, in its own place. I will buy as many boxes and baskets as it takes to achieve that!

  95. I am not always as good at being organized as I would like. With 4 kids, our life can get pretty cluttered. One thing I do is to keep the older kids’ clothing sorted by size so the younger kids can wear it later. I keep them in rubbermaid bins. Oh and I keep out of season clothing in underbed storage.

  96. It’s indeed strange, at work I am extremely organized: files, papers, desk, schedule, tasks all carefully and strategically ordered. At home, I am terrible disorganized. I could use some expert help. The container store seems to have great items. I’ll indeed check them out.

    Thanks for the giveaway and the possibility.


  97. I organize my life by having routines, hopefully not obsessions. I try to arrange my belongings in a way that makes sense. I also avoid clutter and have less ‘stuff’ than when I was younger.

    ky2here at msn dot com

  98. Here’s my tweet: http://twitter.com/ky2here1/status/21451579178

    ky2here at msn dot com

  99. Well at least my stacks of “stuff” are organized and I can find what I need. I admit I have too much “stuff”. Thanks.

  100. Marsha Hembrick says

    I have major organizational issues. I must keep a notebook of my to do list for the day, week all the way down to who I need to call and what household chores need to be done.

  101. I have a daily “To Do List” and use a lot of post its for reminders. I tend to be cluttered so making the list helps me be productive. I also like putting away things I do not need or use in a box which I donate to the homeless. That way I have less things that take space at home.

  102. I have a nightly routine of putting together anything I need to bring to work so that I won’t forget it.

    I try to return things to their place as soon as I’m done with them.

    I keep spreadsheets and lists for things I need to do and buy.

    I sound organized but really, I’m just a pretender! Scatterbrained and sloppy! That’s me.

  103. Erin Walsh says

    I try and not let things take over my life, and I constantly evaluate whether those books on the coffee table will ever get read or whether I really appreciate that vase that I received as a gift, enough for it to sit there, day after day and for me to have to pick it up and dust it twice a week.

    I’m really critical, but it’s still hard to get rid of things. The way that I’ve found is the easiest, is to make sure that the item is going somewhere that it will really be appreciated. I donate books to the local library, and give other items away, either to people that I know or even Goodwill.

    I’m not perfect, my basement is proof of that. But I do really try.

  104. I am a big list maker. I also go through the closets seasonally and purge or store clothes out of season. Totes and labels are my friend. 🙂

  105. My greatest organization tool is Outlook. I have my emails filed into folders, all of my contacts and my address book in there, a to-do list, notes, etc. If it ever went down, I’d be in trouble!

  106. At this point, I use my best friend as organization for my life. I have even hired him to be my assistant at work! I would be a mess without him! Thanks 🙂

  107. I try to keep my life organized by using labels on things, lots of containers and lots of lists. I also have notebooks for different aspects of my life with information so it is easy to find.

  108. I am a pack rat when it comes to my craft stuff. I have totes and storage drawers everywhere with stuff I know i will use someday.

  109. I have a meltdown of the best possible kind whenever I go to The Container Store. I’m one of those freaky organized people that can visualize where everything is in their home at any given moment.

  110. Theresa D says

    I try to organize my life by having a routine. I find when I do things the same way then things get put where they belong and things do not get lost.

  111. Theresa D says
  112. I buy sets of drawers, bags, bins, etc… I’m a regular at IKEA.. but then I organize so much it’s still hard to find things!

  113. I like to have a set routine during the week which keeps me grounded but keep it spontaneous on the weekends. Helps me stay somewhat sane with a 7 month old baby and a 13 yr old stepson! Our calendars stay so full I amaze myself by keeping it all together with a family calendar.

  114. Rachel Higgs says

    I started out by just getting rid of half of what I own. We had a garage sale. Than I started putting things in boxes. If i don’t use them withing a year they get donated to charity. Less stuff = less clutter = more ease to get organized

  115. Buy one get one storage containers from Lowe’s are trying to talk me into being organized, but the thing is, this apartment is so stinking small i am running out of space!

    I need help!

  116. I organize my pantry by food type. The top shelf is dry products like cereal and cake mixes. Second shelf is canned “ready-to-eat” foods like green beans. Third shelf is canned “you-mix-it-with-something-else” foods like tomato sauce or mushrooms. Now I need to get busy organizing my linen closet. What a mess!

  117. I have a hoarder in my family and I see how it can really bog down on your soul and health. I am a minimalist. I see the beauty and cleanliness and a few simple things like a bamboo plant or a rock garden than having a ton of stuff in the backyard. I like hardwood floors and wide open spaces. I save what is important like papers from college, favorite books from high school, sentimental items…those are much more important to me than purses or clothes.

  118. Jessie C. says

    I consider myself an organized person. Have things labeled, get them in the right places, use notebooks, to do lists…etc makes me feel my life is in order.

  119. Jessie C. says
  120. Lucy Schwartz says

    I have spent my life “getting organized” . And there is such a thrill when you get one area fixed and in place. Unfortunealy life goes on with new items and the search to find the perfect resting place. Sigh!

  121. I organize my life with “to do” lists and having an accurate daily planner. Does this make me anal? So be it—it also makes me reliable!

  122. We have a central calendar with all our schedules on it to keep the madness at bay and we use bins to help combat clutter

  123. Paula Hafner says

    When you are over scheduled then things get sloppy and chaotic. I’ve learned that it’s okay to say No sometimes. That was hard for me because I do like to help others out. I’m much more relaxed and happier since I learned this. I no longer get bombarded with request for babysitting (free) or helping to organize something. When I do say Yes, it’s because I really want to and not because I feel obligated to. I keep a calendar to keep everything running smoothly.

  124. Annette D says

    My son will be going off to college and I’m sure that the Container Store has wonderful storage solutions for dorm rooms!

  125. My closet is a fine-tuned wonderland of organization. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in it, then there’s no hope for you.

  126. We keep organized with a laundry basket for every household member in the mud room. When we get home, backpacks, shoes, etc can all be thrown in the baskets instead of all over the house. Also, I use an incredible amount of post-its to keep track of all my to-do’s.

  127. Sharon A says

    I struggle with keeping my personal side organized. At the office I am the ace of organization, everything has its place and at the end of the day the desktop is clean. I certainly wish I could carry that over to the personal side, open and unopened mail sits on the kitchen counter, the dining room table is covered with papers, projects, and other sundry items. Thank you for hosting this giveaway.

  128. Kerrie Mayans says

    As the mom of four kids, i have alot of social stuff to keep track of. I finally got a big dayrunner planner with a page for each day and then I have a different color pen for each family member and i write all appt in my planner. If it is soemthign the whole family is doing, it is black, my husband is blue, I am pink, my oldest is green, my 8 year old is purple, my son is orange and my baby is red.

  129. I organize mostly by putting things in pretty baskets and plastic bins that are easy to store, especially for my daughters art supplies.

  130. I have to admit I am not very organized. I try to be but I just don’t usually stay on top of it. I have bought accordian folders before to organize things but that usually only lasts a few weeks. We have several drawers full of old papers and things that we need to keep but there is no organization to anything.

  131. Katie S. says

    My life has no organization. None. None whatsoever. I suppose that my house is neatly organized on my street between my neighbor’s houses, but thats about it. I frankly blame my husband and my son. Everything I try to do gets undone within almost literal seconds. We should probably talk about it, but the way it is works right now. Kinda. I do need some new stuff for my closet and my desk though, so please, count me in for the giveaway and may random.com be on my side today! Thanks 🙂

  132. LOL. Organize my life? I can’t even organize my closets. Back to my life, I know what I have to do to have the day run smoothly, but when it gets to be too much, I make out a list of things to do and continually add and delete.

  133. I have to have my calendar on my iphone to organize my life. My phone is always with me, so I can add things at any point during the day. I would be lost without my calendar!

  134. B.E. Ringer says

    I try to organize my life by organizing my home. I feel like it’s a constant project, but once I get something organized and functional I feel like I am ready to tackle something else. It’s a great feeling to find homes for things and get rid of the things I do not need.

  135. Holly C. says

    I am a fan of makimg lists for everything, but sometimes I rush out the door without my list and just hope I remember everything.

  136. Holly C. says
  137. Valeen N says

    I keep a “to’do” list right by my computer so I can add to it, cross off things, or check to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything. I get so busy with so many things that if I don’t write it down, it may be forgotten!

  138. How I organize my life is not associating with those that are negative. How I organize my home, well I am still trying to figure that one out. I have Shelves I try to keep everything in order on them. We home school so being organized with schooling is a must. However, the rest of the house I am still working on

  139. I’m organized in being disorganized. I awake each morning saying this is the day, but then something comes up to disrupt my plans.

  140. I try to stay organized by taking care of mail as it comes in. I immediately throw out junk mail, and have bins for important items like bills. I go through the bins once a week and clear those out.

  141. Colleen S says

    Ever since I could remember I like puting things in thier boxes. I still do that, to this day. Im always looking for great and good looking ways to stash or organize stuff

  142. susan smoaks says

    i organize my life by putting things in their place right away and not letting the clutter pile up

  143. Becky Horn says

    Organization is very hard in my house, I have 5 children 2 of which have ADHD, 1 that has Cerebral Palsy and 1 with Autism. Although I try very hard and I half to know where everything is I can’t say it is neat but fairly organized.

  144. Mimi the kitten says

    I organize my life by trying to keep the major things first, and let the minor things (including dirty socks, clutter, unwashed dishes etc.) stay in the background where they belong.

  145. Susan Smith says

    I try to stay organized by going through my families clothes and toys and giving the items we don’t use away and storing the clothes in storage bins when we have a change of seasons.

  146. Susan Smith says
  147. Some love her, some hate her. I’m a love-r. Flylady taught me how to organize my life, from how to put things away to how to savor the precious moments of my existence.

  148. Jennifer M says

    I’m still working on getting a place for everything. Organization is not my strong suit.

  149. For the things we store in the garage I keep a list on the side so I know everything that’s in the box. Rather than just saying “Christmas Items” I know which one has the garland and lights, and which one has the ornaments.

  150. Oh, if a wish could come true…this would be mine. I cannot seem to be organized, and have never been able to since I was a child. I want to be neat, I try to be neat. I buy files, make piles, trying to make some sense of the disarray around me. I have bipolar disorder and it has been suggested that I may have ADHD, so maybe I’m not just a messy person on purpose, buy by biological design. I do find myself to be a disappointment though, to both myself and my family. My dh is organized, and both of my grown children are obsessed with being organized, (probably because they’ve seen how it has affected my life, and not in a good way.) I did visit the Container Store one time, and dreamed that my life could be as compartmentalized as their beautiful products. I feel that if I did have some kind of system like they offer, it would be a step in the right direction.

  151. barbara hunt says

    Thanks for the great contest!

  152. I don’t stay nearly as organized as I would like to be. Especially in the summer when I have NO extra time, things tend to get out of control. We have recently begun to get rid of all the “crap” in the house and once fall comes I really hope to work on that more so that there isn’t so much stuff that needs to be organized!

  153. I’ll have to admit that I’m not the best organizer around, but I’m really trying lately! I actually just organized my closet a couple of weekends ago and put all pants together with the skirts on the bottom racks with the tops on the top rack. It has bee super-nice to have everything I need arms length. If I won this I’d love to get some social racks and hangers to organize my shoes and purses.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!!! 🙂

  154. I just Tweeted about this giveaway here: http://mobile.twitter.com/katygmorris/status/21636852775

    Thanks!!! 🙂

  155. Kathleen S. says

    I organize my life with lists. I’m always so busy that if I don’t write it down, there’s a chance I won’t remember it. I’ve also been getting much better at organizing my life at home. Just cleaning up a few things each day ensures that the house doesn’t get too cluttered. Thanks!

  156. I tend to organize things in phases, so things can pile up for a while, but then they get put in their proper places.

  157. wendy mcbride says

    Organizing is an area i need to work more on….I just have several totes and they are labeled. Always looking and reading ideas to be more organized.

    wendym at cableone dot net

  158. Rachel S says

    I like to categorize: by color, by type (like clothes by season) and all lined up nicely. 🙂

  159. I like to keep things organized in clear containers or boxes. I have metal shelves in the basement with lots of these holding everything from a to z.

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  160. tweeted


    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  161. One of my biggest wishes is to be organized. I’ve always had to make lists just to remember to do routine things. Without my lists I’m in total chaos. Things just seem to accumulate and suddenly I look around and I have clutter everywhere! Then it’s a major job to attack it and get it somewhat under control.

  162. I cannot tell a lie. Organizing is one of my life’s challenges. I try to keep organized by being a master list maker, but somehow things still seem to pile up around me. Maybe if I had some great containers to organize my things in, then I’d BECOME more organized. Well a girl can dream can’t she?

  163. Donna Timmerman says

    Laughing out loud. As this is the hardest question for me to answer. I am a full time working mom. My husband just happens to be away this week so organizing my life has been very hard. I wish I can be more organized. I try to organize my life, but keeping a calendar up to date with all I have to do. Usually I do this at night after the kids go to bed. I update it and look ahead to see what I need to do the following days. I also adhere to the rule that everything has a place and work hard to get everything back to that place. Loved the question. Loved reading others posts for inspiration =)

  164. Tonya Dean says

    I organize by throwing stuff away which drives my mother crazy! That stuff is still good is what she says all the time.

  165. I organize in a couple of different ways. I always get everything ready the night before because I do not function well in the morning. I stay out of stores as much as possible because then I don’t buy stuff. I try to do the: something into the house – something OUT of the house. Thanks for the contest.

  166. Please enter me 🙂

  167. Vicki Andrew says

    by getting rid of things I don’t really need any more, It is amazing the amount of stuff I have collected over the years the I don’t need or use

  168. I keep organized by writing myself lists.

  169. Erica C. says

    I do think that everything has a place, but I’m not too organized as to where I spend all my free time just organizing. I’m most critical when it comes to paperwork. All my important papers are organized right away.

  170. I organize my life with a CALENDAR. Mine literally saves me


  171. tweeted! http://twitter.com/happy_haylee_3/status/21645745297


  172. organize by keeping a list.

  173. Jessica Kaufman says

    I have my kid’s closets pretty organized with bins, plastic drawers, and hanging shoe pouches. My closet is another story. I have to much clothes and not enough closet space.

  174. Jessica Kaufman says

    Tweeted http://twitter.com/MACMOMof3/status/21646608676

    If possible can you let me know where you will post the winner’s name …is it right on this post or as a seperate post? THANKS

  175. I try and try to organize my life, it mainly ends up in little piles everywhere unfortunately! I do keep like items together, and I put things in boxes whenever I can. I need all the help I can get!

  176. I always make notes of things I need to do and get done in the week.
    If not the kids would be lost.

  177. valancia says

    Well I justt ake one day at a time that keeps me fairly organized cause why worry about anything that ytou cant change anyways so taking it easy and living in the moment is my way of organization

  178. I have every good intention of being organized. I love to buy cute little cubbies and storage totes and colorful organizers. Er…..they just never seem to be the kind that fill and organize all by themselves! I need a robot maid – like the Jetsons. Or $100 gift card so I really have no more excuses.

  179. I am trying to get organization because currently I suck at it. For the last 7 years I have been working full time and going back to school. Normal everyday house work even got away from me during those last few years. Now that I am finally finished with school I am trying to organize my house and make everything have it own place. I usually try to buy nifty little containers or labels to get organized. This would be great. I am currently trying to tackle all of the closets in the house (bedroom, hallway, linen, and coat/shoe). Thanks for the chance.

  180. I shared your giveaway on FB.

  181. Nancy Ryan says

    I have lots of plastic drawer sets from Container Store and Target that are labeled – filing, bills to pay, order online, vacations, etc. Small house and lots of papers, that’s what seems to work for me!

  182. Honestly, I need some help in that area. I make list of things to do that helps some.

  183. I organize my life my only keeping what I need and what is good for me. From junk mail to bad relationships, if it’s toxic, I discard it.

  184. I organize my life by trying to keep what is important first, God and family.

    As for the piles of stuff, I don’t always do so well with that. I have good intentions, but seem to always be working on getting rid of piles.

  185. I organize my life by always being on guard against clutter — which means strategically filing, recycling, selling, gifting, repurposing, etc., items or things we don’t need or use all that often; making good use of storage bins and filing systems in every room of the home, and always keeping a running inventory of what we have in the home so we don’t double or triple-buy as we used to do! Thanks for the giveaway – I love The Container Store!

  186. Lori Kelly says

    To be organized I try to keep everything in its place, and when I bring something new into the house, something old goes.

  187. I am a part of a very organized family. My wife keeps all the kids toys in separate containers based on style and brand. Star Wars figures go here. Barbies go there. Legos go here. Nerf bullets go there. And on it goes… Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

  188. Veronica Garrett says

    I organize things according to what is important. My family is most important. Things that affect it comes first.Things like the health and well being of my family including providing a home, for their health and happiness comes first. I don’t sweat the small stuff.

  189. The best way for us to organize is always the easiest: my boys (the one I married included) are always far more likely to organize and put things away if they have TONS of options to choose from. The more cubbies, baskets, bowls, what have you they have? Much better chance that my OCD won’t have me rocking myself to sleep crying in a fetal position.

  190. Brittney Canady says

    I need this to help me with organization. I have a brand new baby girl and organization is a MUST right now.

  191. I like to keep work and home “organized”. By the time I get to work, home stuff is forgotten. And when I leave work, work is behind me.


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