Busy and House Lust

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I only have a couple of minutes cause I have a bunch of stuff to write up for a gaming magazine based in the UK.

They want to feature some of the stuff I’ve put on Sims 3 Gamer and so that’s what I’m a doin’.

Oh. And I went and looked at a house today – just me and the kids. I know. I know. How many times have I put pictures up of houses I love? Don’t tell me. I know. Really. I know.

But, while I was looking for houses to rent, Tucker and I agreed we should also look and see what’s out there to buy since interest rates are so low right now.

I found a house with an amazing view for not a TON of money and realized this morning that there was no reason why I couldn’t drive by the thing. It wasn’t like we were doing anything anyway. I ended up calling the agent to ask if there was a backyard. Next thing I knew, we were walking through the house.

So. Yeah. Pictures: