Wisk Protein Science Experiment

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This is the second post in my Wisk series. You can read the first one by heading over to my Pre-Review of Wisk with Stain Spectrum Technology if you’re so inclined.

The goal of this post/video is to illustrate the job Wisk does on protein stains. In this case, the stain was a pre-made grass swatch. I needed an assistant and Cara fit the lab coat so she won by default. We drew Cara and the letter C on the swatch, waited a couple of seconds and then dunked it in some warm water. Though the result wasn’t exactly what I had “drawn”, the stain was gone and that’s pretty sweet.

FYI, Cara wasn’t coached on what to say and every bit of footage – except for a three second part of my saying “uh” too many times – that was taken is included in the video. Cara just kind of took over and what she did was way more awesome that anything I would have done.

Enjoy and if you’re nice, feel free to head over to YouTube and give it a “thumbs up” and comment.

*Disclaimer: I’m being compensated with real money for this series and I received the bottle of Wisk in the video so I could honestly review the product BUT as my Review Policy says, I’m honest with my reviews and if I didn’t think Wisk rocked, I’d say so. Check out #3 on the Review Policy page if you’re confused.*