Frisbee Owl Says Toddler Walking into Wall is Funny

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I tend to believe Cara didn’t sleep a single night all the way through from two weeks old until probably six months ago.

Oliver was probably asleep when he was born; he’s always been a big fan of getting his beauty sleep.

Then, about six months ago, my kids swapped places and it was such an unexpected change that I wouldn’t have been surprised if it was a Freaky Friday kind of thing.[1] Now Cara sleeps like an exhausted log and Oliver refuses to sleep.

Not gonna happen. Can’t make him. Nope.

For a while he and Cara were sleeping in her bed and that was great except when Oliver didn’t want to sleep and decided Cara didn’t need to sleep either.

Most nights, Ollie starts in his bed and at some point in the night, he ends up in our bed…usually on my pillow…and by “on my pillow” I mean I can’t fit on my own pillow because Ollie takes up the whole thing.

Last night was a bit different.

In and out of his bed. Go to sleep. Stay in bed. Don’t get out of bed. Stay out of your sister’s room.

The one positive is there’s an alarm system installed in Cara’s room: Cara.

We started telling her that if Ollie came into her room, she’s supposed to tell us. And her version of telling us is to screech at the top of her lungs. The comical part of all of that is the sound of size eight feet booking it down the hall every time Cara sounds the alarm.

The funny part last night came in after about the tenth scream when I went in to help Ollie remember where his bed was and as he came tearing out of Cara’s room, he turned a bit short and ran straight into the wall right before his bedroom door.

And before you start judging, he didn’t hit the wall hard – just kinda bounced off of it. You would have laughed. Really. Promise.

OK. So maybe you wouldn’t have laughed but I did and that probably makes me a bad person or maybe just sleep deprived?

And the two pictures on this post? They have nothing to do with this post; they just make me giggle.


  1. [1]Hopefully without the complimentary stint in rehab. That was funny to me cause Lindsay Lohan was in that movie and she was in rehab. Get it? Oh, whatever.