The Great Christmas Unsuck of 2010 via The Bloggess

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I’m not a fan of people; in general they pretty much suck.

Then someone does something that makes it impossible to deny there are a few people out there who don’t suck all the time.

Jenny started The Great Christmas Unsuck of 2010–my title not hers.┬áThe idea was simple enough: the first 20 people who commented on her site who weren’t going to be able to provide gifts for their kids for Christmas would get a $30 giftcard. Jenny put up 600 of her own bucks–I might have used my laptop’s calculator for that–to make 20 families’ lives less sucky.

So simple.

Except of course there were more people who needed help. That’s where the magic started to happen. Strangers started offering to help other strangers with money and giftcards and toys. Strangers helped multiple strangers. Strangers went above and beyond what anyone would ever expect from them.

By the time of me writing this, there have been seven updates on the original post–assuming I counted correctly–almost 1500 comments and the end result of 900 giftcards going out to families in need and a call to donate to local food banks.

There are just a few days before Christmas and you know someone who has a need that can’t meet. Help their life not suck as much.