Mother Nature Punked Me: It Snowed A Lot

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When I wrote about the Snowpocalypse of 2011, I didn’t actually expect it to snow.

Then the Weather Channel issued a Winter Weather Warning Friday night. Still wasn’t expecting anything. We’re not completely stupid though since we didn’t take any chances and stocked up on bread and milk and stuff.

Saturday came and went.

Sunday came and we did our thing and come 1900, the Weather Channel was saying it should be snowing. Not a flake to be seen.

I went out in our breezeway and started rereading Harry Potter; it was almost 2000 by then.

That’s when this started:

At which point I shot this and for the record, it wasn’t sleeting; the flakes were that big and it was snowing that hard.

And then there was this:

And this:

That hole on the hood is where I stuck my hand.

And this:

My tracks after about two hours of snow.

And finally this right before I went to bed–we ended up getting almost ten inches:

In case you were wondering, Tucker didn’t go to work on Monday. This was Monday morning:

It doesn't look like it but that snow really is deep. Really.

And this:

And this:

And finally this–if you can’t tell, the kids weren’t too keen on the snow but the dog LOVED it:

Tuesday–Tucker didn’t work then either–we ventured out again though we were sure we’d be right back in. About an hour later, we all came in with very red noses and slightly numb toes.

So excited she started jumping.

For the record, he didn't make this snowman.

Cara didn't either.

Cara didn't make this snowman.

Neither did Ollie.

Cara wanted to make a snow angel. And yes, I was wearing the same clothes. They were my "snow clothes."

We weren't so great at making snow angels.

When the snow first fell, everyone was acting like there was a huge party going on. Now the snow’s melting and it’s all rather depressing.

Here’s to hoping for more snow in the near future.