Delurking Day 2011

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I’m pretty sure I participated in this last year but I don’t remember. If I wasn’t so lazy I suppose I could go search through my archives.

Rude Cactus started this.

Sarah reminded me.

And it’s just fun. It’s not begging for comments from new people. It’s saying, “Hey! What’s up awesome person who reads daily and feeds my random Flash animals! Comments make me feel like I’m not talking to some mindless abyss. So how about a comment?”

Obviously I personalized that and you might hate my Flash animals. But I hope not cause those buggers are adorable as hell.

From Rude Cactus’s site today:

You know what to do. If you’re a lurker, open of the comments and reveal thyself. If you comment frequently, well, go ahead and leave me a comment too.

Pretty sure he did a better job of explaining this.