E3 Recap: I’m Tired

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The past two days have been rough days; I spent the vast majority of the past two days in various airports across the country. I’ve been in four different time zones. I’m tired. I went from LAX to Denver to DC and then to Huntsville. The most I slept was on the final leg home when I finally gave up and put my head on the tray table.

My feet look a bit like shredded meat and I have this huge bruise on the inside of my arm; I can’t figure out where the bruise came from. Maybe the orc at THQ? 

Me and the orc

This face? This is my, "HOLY SHIT! HE'S SCARY!!!" face.

Tucker asked me last night if E3 was worth all of the crap I was going through. I told him to ask me once I was home. And, yeah. E3 was worth it.

I got to see some cool games, listen to Ben Bell give his presentation on Sims 3 Pets and get my hands on Nintendo’s new console, the Nintendo Wii U–among other things. I hate to be a tease about the other games but it’s been a long couple of days.

An interesting thing happens when you’re stuck in an airport with complete strangers who also were screwed over by the same flight and/or airline: you bond.

I don’t know half or even a third of those people’s names but we talked like we had known each other all of our lives. That’s probably one of the things that kept me from losing it.

KmartGamer and Sears and Rory and Kelly did a bang-up job with this whole circus. As nervous as I was going into E3–complete with horrible nightmares and promises of puke–the first day I met everyone, I felt right at home.

I knew I’d get home and regret not taking more pictures and I was right.

I knew I would miss games I wanted to see and I was right.

However, the show floor was so massive that I can’t imagine anyone could see everything and give everything the attention it all deserved.

Maybe not over the weekend but definitely next week, I plan on talking about Rage, NeverDead [SQUEEEE], Disney Universe, Skylanders and some other stuff so keep an eye out.

In the meantime, check out the room service I got that last night we were in LA. Yum!

Nothing better than an awesome steak on the bed.

Yummy room service salad.

Cheesecake and mints.