Very Best Part of E3? Coming Home.

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There’s something mentally comforting about being so busy you can’t think of anything other than work. In fact, I didn’t completely–that means with tears and stuff–miss the kids until I was sitting in the Denver airport.

Family Picnic 1959


I had built a fort out of my rolling carryon and all the mess from my E3 bag. Since I had hours to sit and nothing to do, I packed and repacked my E3 bag to maximize space and give the appearance that the bag would easily stow under my seat. And it would–if I kicked it repeatedly.

A little boy with brown hair and who looked to be about Ollie’s age scooted by on his car/suitcase and stopped dead when he saw the prize I procured from the Microsoft booth.

Microsoft Kinect Fun Labs

His facial expression tells me he was imagining the TSA "pat-down."

The kid wanted my toy. He was tapping into every bit of self-control a human that small can possess. Just as he was about to lose it and go all ninja kid on me, his sister walked up. Of course she had to have blonde hair. And of course they had to instantly start pummeling each other. It was like my damn kids were sitting right next to me. Add to that the stress I was under from lack of sleep and just wanting to get home and you had the perfect storm of sobbing.

But you’d be proud. I kept it down to a couple of pathetic sobby hiccups and repacked my E3 bag, dedicating much mental energy to perfectly rolling my game t-shirts.

While I was still in LA and out back of the conference center taking a smoke break, I remarked I wasn’t ready to go back reality. And, ya know? At that point, I wasn’t ready to go home but seeing those kids act like heathens hit way too close to home and I just wanted to see my kids. And Tucker…really can’t get rid of him.

I guess the takeaway is I turned into a puddle of pathetic, sterotypical, crying mom and I didn’t care. Some of the best moments of E3 came after the fact: seeing Tucker waiting for me as I came down the hallway out of the terminal and my kids scream with joy when they saw me.

You can’t beat that stuff with a stick.