Video of Me At E3

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I figured I’d post this since you probably haven’t seen it and my mom said, “Great video, hon. […] AND you look great!” Direct quote, kinda.

Banksy urban art video camera flower

Art by Banksy|Image by BWJones

Since it’s Friday, what you should do is get some shots lined up–chose your poison–and each time I say “and” you’ll take a shot. You’ll take two shots each time I say “hands-on.” When I say “Silent Hill MOVIE” feel free to slap yourself; your face shall be mine by proxy.

If you need more excuses to get sloshed, drink each time you hear any ums, uhs and/or reallys.

Before you judge me too harshly, keep in mind none of this was scripted and I had a camera in my face. What’s kind of sad though is the fact that the video has been edited. Consider yourself lucky. You missed the 20 seconds of me voguing in front of the camera cause I’m a dork and our kickass videographer left the camera running…and I could.

But Mom liked it–Hi, Mom!–and Cara didn’t laugh at me so there is that. In fact, Cara assures me I’m going to be famous. I’m not holding my breath.

So Drink up, friends! I had fun and now you should as well.