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What is it about someone that makes you fall so hard that it hurts?

Your stomach churns and pitches. You yearn to be near them. The pure elation of it all is staggering. How in the world could you be so lucky to find this one absolutely perfect person? This person who loves you absolutely, no questions asked.

What goes up must come down as they say, and you fall again. You fall from this amazing pinnacle into a blackness that you never thought was possible.

How did this happen? How did that amazing beauty turn to something so putrid?

You search through the darkness and follow the bubbles to the surface. The day never looked so bright and you say, “Never again.”

[Note #1:What do you get when you resurrect your PC tower from ’08? Random Word documents like this one.

Note #2: I know it says ’08 but that’s just the last time we used the tower. This thing was written on notebook paper before I met Tucker.

Note#3: This has nothing to do with Tucker. ]