Long Live Play: Sony’s New Playstation Campaign Video

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Via screengrab by me

A time not so long ago, since it was only a couple of years ago, and in a land not too far away, since I think I might have written it from the other couch, I wrote about how I missed gaming. I still do to some extent but there have been a few games since then that have grabbed me and turned “five more minutes into five more hours.”

You know I love Playstation. I always have and probably always will. I’m not a fangirl, I’m in love. There’s a difference. So there.

And even if I wasn’t a fangirl in love, I’d still get a kick out of Sony’s newest Playstation ad with Kevin Butler.

You’ll like it even if you play an Xbox360–We’ll work on curing that particular sickness, m’kay?–or don’t play any type of console. Mom, you’ll laugh. Probably. Maybe not.