Gold Eyeshadow Or Using Makeup From Highschool Because You’re Chicken is Not Only Weird But Also Gross

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Moving is a great way to discover stuff you forgot you had. Clothes, money, socks…makeup. I’m not suggesting you should move just so you can find all the stuff you lost and obviously didn’t REALLY need since you didn’t even realize it was lost in the first place but the point is that I found some eyeshadow from high school.

How’s THAT for a transition?

Some eyeshadow that I wore as recently as two years ago…before it went into hiding.


But what you have to understand is it had three perfect colors for me: a dark brown, a pretty pink and a shimmery light pink color. On those days where I had no clue what I was going to do with my makeup–most days–I would pull out that eyeshadow jobber and put it on the exact same way I had since highschool. I’m pretty sure that’s the makeup equivalent to shopping in the Juniors section when you’re in your fifties. Or something.

So half of the time I used the old eyeshadow because I seem to lack any sort of makeup imagination and the other half of the time I used it because I didn’t want to look like a makeupless zombie–since only zombies with makeup are acceptable around here, thankyouverymuch–but I usually don’t have much time to put on makeup what with beating Cara off of my makeup and keeping Ollie from eating something that shouldn’t be eaten.

It should be pretty obvious by now that I needed not only something fast but also something that didn’t involve makeup from before the iPhone was released.

The answer? Gold eyeshadow. Gold eyeshadow is like a million miles away from brown eyeshadow. Who’s the chance taker? THIS girl.

Me with no makeup

No makeup. Don't laugh.

Sephora eyeshadow set

Despite the way it looks, this Sephora set is only like six months old. Promise.

All the makeup I'm going to use.

See what I mean about Cara trying to jack my makeup?!

Me with only concealer.

Concealer, I love you.

What are my kids doing?

I'm not quite sure what's going on here...

Some concealer, some loose powder to set the concealer, gold eyeshadow that I put on pretty heavy and then blended from my lashline to the bottom of my eyebrows–which I didn’t take a picture of since I need to pluck said eyebrows–a couple of coats of black mascara and some lip gloss and I was done.

Me with gold eyeshadow.

Time spent on makeup from start to finish? Ten minutes. End result? Not too shabby. Better than using highschool makeup? No question about it.

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